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I recently purchased the POTF2 "Death Star Escape" playset from an Amazon seller, and was curious on how you felt about the POTF2 playset line. Both Death Star playsets I thought were fairly well done, even collector friendly, minus the missile firing/oversized guns. The Endor set, despite the undersized Bunker door, seems pretty nice, and all the Ewok catapults/rocks/etc is a nice pack in. This is how I think Hasbro should do playsets in the future. $15-20, modular, collector-yet-kid friendly, accurate, etc. Thoughts?

the vintage stuff looks better than this. it seems like hasbro took a step way back and not in a good way. i did buy some items but just because it was so long since you where able to buy star wars before the big boom in SW toys, i think we would of bought just about anything they pushed on us.

I have the Endor and Hoth sets set up on shelves in my collection room.  They's pretty good...but probably could have been better.

Jesse James:
They're not something I'm fond of...  I think with some work, the DS one could be modified if you had a few (the hallways that is) into something longer and more accurate to a cut-away of the Death Star Hallway.

The swing to freedom is meh...  Has some doors though.  For customizing it's maybe useful.

The Endor and Hoth sets are, to me, pointless and worth nothing to little...  They're tiny, and just don't look right to me.  The bunker door matches SW miniatures, and the gun turret for Hoth does somewhat, but they're weak.

If there was a decent SW playset (to me), it's the Theed Generator...  It's fairly accurate in details, it's a decent size, it's for an action sequence everyone loved...  I think it's pretty good.  You get a couple and put them together, and they look pretty decent.

Potf2 forgot a Dagobah playset
It would be nice one for the Legacy Collection that include lizards, logs, the cave
probably the duelist (luke and vader spirit), the stones and containers with leverege
it must be an update from the vintage Dagobah with colorful cardstock where necessary


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