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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels


Just read about this new game over at Newsarama yesterday, sounds like it is the long awaited "lightsaber game for the Wii".  I think more info (possibly a trailer) should be on the way in the next few days, but from the article itself, it sounds pretty cool.  It would be nice to have Luke and Vader included as well, but who knows, maybe they'll stick them in there as "unlockable" characters.  We don't have a Wii (yet), but definitely want to get one, and this sounds like it would be a fun game.

IGN also has an interview up about this game that provides a little more info.  I'm a little confused if "The Clone Wars" is just the title for the Wii exclusive game, or if these are two different games, but I think they are the same thing.  I've seen it called both names, so I wasn't sure.  Anyways, more info at the linky.  Sounds fun.

Jesse James:
Watching Game Trailer TV on Spike, they aired the CW on Wii trailer...  It looks to be a saber-combat-only type game designed probably with the Wiimotes in mind specifically.  That's cool I think...  It does appear as though there will be "other" CW3D type games though for other systems/platforms.  Maybe more traditional adventure games over a "duel" type game like the Wii's appears to be.

The trailer is online now, over at the game's Official Site.  Looks pretty cool, and I could see how it would be a fun game to get together and play with friends - like a lot of the other games for the Wii.

TRU add this week is showing that they are starting Pre-Orders for this this week.

I'm surprised no one has posted about this?  Anyone played it?  My son (9yrs old) played it at a friends house and said it was fun, but not great.  He said the story mode is really short too (finished in an afternoon).


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