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No details yet on just how much he's going to cost or how he'll be sold, but it was confirmed in today's Q&A Session.   :D

I'm assuming it's just a Red repaint of the basic Clone Trooper, similar to the Blue and Yellow repaints that Jesse reported on a couple weeks ago...

Jesse James:
Juicy tidbit of info there Jeff.  Nice. :)

Do we know that the Clone Captain will be a red-striped trooper? The generic Clone Officers seem like figures that would be reserved for the main line for easy kid access... I'm thinking the Clone Captain might be one of the purple/maroon troopers that showed up a week or two ago. Much more obscure design... seems perfect for an exclusive.

Awesome, another exclusive line I don't have to stand in.  :D

Interesting and thanks for the info.  Since it's an exclusive, maybe it'll come with a nice pack-in such as a stand or something.  Something that distinguishes it from the main line.


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