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Could the wookiee actually be Chewbacca from the Holiday Special Cartoon?

Previous 5 packs have had the Droids Wicket and C-3PO and there's the carded R2 and Fett. Maybe this is another in a series of nods to those old animations?

I Am Sith:
Damn, that's a great idea Jayson!  I did think it was strange that they would be re-releasing the Chewbacca with only a slight variation on the paint job...

If it is, that is amazing! Nice catch!

Very cool idea- I hope that turns out to be the case!

I Am Sith:
I was looking at the holo Vader again and was wondering if Medicom will finally make the helmet one piece instead of two with this figure.  It doesn't make sense that this figure would have two pieces and be removable for a holo figure...  The close-up picture leaves room for debate...


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