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Jesse James:
We've got a couple new looks at 2 of the new comic packs slated for the Legacy Collection in 2008.

Clicky to check out Durge & Anakin Skywalker

Clicky to check out Tol Skorr & Assajj Ventriss

Now, personally, I don't think the Clone Wars Durge (realistic style) can be topped short of a new paintjob and maybe a cool new accessory.  I made him his own functional "bola" weapon and it looks smashing (no pun...  well, perhaps a little one).  Anakin...  Eh, I'll take it.  He looks beat up.

Assajj may well be one of the greater figures.  I'm hoping for some improved articulation there.  Skorr, I have no clue who he is as that's a story arc I've not gotten to at all, but he appeared to be a separatist leader of some sort and I dig that.  I'm much more interested in this set then.

Check 'em out... 

Can't say I'm excited about either of these sets, although they both look pretty sharp.

The Durge set is Meh to me. The other set just a small notch up from that. I'll get them both, but not before something else I want more.

Is it just me or does Anakin look like he just came from seeing Padme, what's up w/the lipstick  :-*  Well I guess the she had to get pregnant at somepoint   ;D 

But the old Durge I thought was pretty darn good.  Maybe they should've just saved the money reissued the old one w/better paint apps and maybe desinged the new head/helmet around the old body.  It's really going to suck if there is no knee articulation. 

Jesse the Tol Skorr is kinda interesting story arc he's an ex-jedi like Sora Bulq and theres like a competion thing going on between Skorr & Vos for favor with Dooku.  I'm just happy to get another Darksider he'll go well with the other Sith that came from the Evo set. 

Don't know if it's just me but Assaj doesn't seem to have the whole holster things for her sabers which seems odd.

I will get the Assaj set but the Durge doesnt look right to me. I don't have a Durge figure but I know this is not the one I want, with lack of knee articulation I think I will just wait for a con and try to get the SA one then. Besides skipping this comic pack will give me $17 to spend on something else  ;D


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