Author Topic: TLC "Hoth Recon Patrol" Battle Pack  (Read 12629 times)

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Re: TLC "Hoth Recon Patrol" Battle Pack
« Reply #75 on: August 10, 2008, 12:53 AM »
If anyone wants to sell the R5 let me know, it's the only figure I want from the set.  Thanks!

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Re: TLC "Hoth Recon Patrol" Battle Pack
« Reply #76 on: August 10, 2008, 12:58 PM »
I really enjoy the set more now than I did at first.  K-3PO is so much better than the original: he's shorter, more proportional, has a much better shaped head, and is a truer white.  The R5 is perfect.  Chewie might as well be an ANH version, because there's almost no hint of snow decor, so I ended up putting him into a different scene anyway.  The Han takes a little work to get the glue out (the goggles look infinitely better on his hat than on his face), but it can be done.  The disappointment, I guess, (unless you never bought the POTF2 version) is the Probe Droid.  This is a mold that really could have taken advantage of improved articulation in the legs and better proportions.  Maybe they could have put a new one into the $19.99 assortment with a resculpted Tauntaun or something.
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Re: TLC "Hoth Recon Patrol" Battle Pack
« Reply #77 on: August 10, 2008, 01:55 PM »
I like the set too...

First, a hooded Han in a brown coat was important, and I plan on removing the goggles so they can be moved around properly.  I'm irked Hasbro glued them on like that.  Otherwise a pretty great figure.  I'm planning to combine my blue one with the brown one to make a decent figure.

I'm not totally disappointed in the Chewbacca...  I almost wish he had no snow deco so we could've used him elsewhere, as I have a snowy tall Chewie already.  I love that sculpt and would love to own about 3 more of it for various scenes.

The R5 is outstanding, and while I wish it didn't use the vintage body, I'm ok with it too and I dig droid repaints.

Like above, I like K-3PO because it's a repaint and also it doesn't totally negate the original figure.  Getting K-3PO pre-blast damage and K-3PO "dead" is pretty cool I think.

Probe Droid...  Meh.  It's a repaint of something I never was that interested in originally, but it's ok I guess.  A new Probe Droid would be ok if it was up to modern standards, but honestly I would've rather gotten something more interesting than the probe droid.  I get why it was in there though, it sort of made the set what it was, and so I wasn't bothered by it.
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