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I definitely going to be spending more on Doctor Who than on SW this next comic-con. The new Cybermen set with a build-a-cyberman will certainly be the top of the list.

What store was this Ben?  Local?

If I'm guessing right, he is talking about Mayhem Comics in Des Moines.


inadvertent imitation:
It was actually the Mayhem in Ames on Lincoln Way. Haven't hit the one in DM yet.  :)

I wouldn't mind picking some of these up myself.  I love the Who.  I was watching it on PBS last night, and was dismayed to learn that though they will continue with the new Who, they will no longer be broadcasting the originals.  I think IPTV has been doing it since the beginning more or less, and I can remember as a kid, as a teenager, and as an adult coming in and out of the series.  The run ends about where the original did, late in the 80's with Sylvester McCoy, but I wish it were continuing.   :(


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