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I definitely going to be spending more on Doctor Who than on SW this next comic-con. The new Cybermen set with a build-a-cyberman will certainly be the top of the list.

What store was this Ben?  Local?

If I'm guessing right, he is talking about Mayhem Comics in Des Moines.


It was actually the Mayhem in Ames on Lincoln Way. Haven't hit the one in DM yet.  :)

I wouldn't mind picking some of these up myself.  I love the Who.  I was watching it on PBS last night, and was dismayed to learn that though they will continue with the new Who, they will no longer be broadcasting the originals.  I think IPTV has been doing it since the beginning more or less, and I can remember as a kid, as a teenager, and as an adult coming in and out of the series.  The run ends about where the original did, late in the 80's with Sylvester McCoy, but I wish it were continuing.   :(


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