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Grimlock's customs.

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LMK what you think.  8)

Siths Herald:
Poor Bumblebee looks like he's been through hell!  Nice work.

What is the second custom?

Its the Arbiter from Halo.  :D

When I bought him he was dull bronze, now I painted him to his accurate colour.  :)

Happy Noodle Boy:
Hey Grim,

Glad to see you post your stuff here.

The bumblebee looks nice and grimey. The Joker (as I already commented at RS) is alot more accurate now.

You might have to slightly resize the pics as they are now cut off at the sides so we can see them clearly.

Good work on these. Hope to see more.

Good stuff, Good stuff, I like your joker better than the original. :P


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