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So, Now Have We Seen the Last of "New" Star Wars on the Big Screen?

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I couldn't agree with you more on it being a "when" as opposed to an "if". There is just too much money to be made. Where LFL decides to go with it is the question.

Jesse James:
I don't know.  Lucas is protective of Star Wars, I will say that.  I could see him taking a different direction with completely different characters.  I am thinking less and less that he'd tinker with the OT's characters beyond ROTJ though. 

Now something else?  Something that utilizes a new cast?  Clearly he's wide open to that idea...  Clone Wars is sort of proof of it.  His efforts for the live-action show are proof too.  I just dont' have faith Carrie Fisher or Mark Hammil will pull off their original characters well at this point, nor would I really care to see them try.  The Live-action show's premise had a lot of promise.  I would've rather seen that attempted.

Just watching a bit of ROTS tonight, and it makes me realize that I really miss Star Wars (new) in the theaters.  The prequels might not be to the level of the OT, but I still enjoyed each of them and sort of miss looking forward to that.  I've been watching a lot of trailers, etc. for upcoming movies I've been excited for this year (Spidey, Avengers, Hobbit, Dark Knight Rises, etc.), and it just makes me remember how we were gathering up every bit of info, picture, clips, etc. of the prequels as they were coming out.  I really miss that.

That was possibily more fun then actually watching the movies.


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