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Everyone's collecting habits are their own, but I personally would never want to fill in gaps with anything modern, as they're just not the same, no matter whether they're made from the same or similar molds, etc. The appeal for collecting vintage to me is that they're the toys I had as a kid (or at least lusted after as a kid). Modern stuff is fun, too, but I don't look at them as interchangeable.

As far as the Dagobah playset, there are definitely sources out there for replacement foam, both specifically made for that set, as well as just general uses. Good luck!

Yep, I am in the process of completing my vintage playset run right now. I lost all of the cardboard backdrops and somehow missed 1 or 2 of those altogether. (Cloud City?!?!)

If you scan through some of the older threads in this forum, there is a wealth of information to be found. I know I have read about the decaying foam issue before. There is replacement foam available, but it is not the same as the vintage stuff, so to me it is a poor substitute. You might check around on eBay, I believe I have run across some on there.

I have the same problem with the foam in my Death Star trash compactor. It literally crumbles in your hand if you touch it now.

Weird.  My Death Star foam is in perfect shape (it's original, and had since age 6, os iknow it' the fam tat came wt it originally). The Dagoba foam is another story.

Side note, I jut found an old board game called "Press ups".  it has 4 pieces of foam on the bottom...they are exactly like the foam in the Dagobah set as it almost disinegrates on touch.  You can pinch it between your fingers and it presses together into alomst nothing.  Best way I can explain.


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