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Quesion about my E2 basic lightsaber


Sith Bounty Hunter:
I bought 2 of the basic lightsabers ,the ones that coast about $8, from episode 2. A few days ago I looked very closely at them and looked at the copyright. My green one said 2002 Hasbro Inc. and my blue one says 1999 Hasbro Inc. It seemed weird at the time. After that I watched both TPM and AOTC. The handle on my blue saber kinda looked like the handle of Qui-Gon Jinn. Thoughts?

The only thing I could say about that is that Hasbro just re-used leftover sabers for the Saga line.  They just took an EP1 saber and re-packaged it into the Saga packaging.

That, or they used the same tooling as in 1999.  Your 1999 stamped lightsaber very well could've been made in 2002.  However, Hasbro is probably unlikely to change a machine tool just to update the date stamp if they're happy with the existing design.


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