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Legoland star wars days


May the Force be with you at LEGOLAND on September 13 and 14, 2008.
legoland has been doing this for a couple of years. this is going to be my first time going now that my kids are old enough. they give you an exclusive Lego block at the door.

Man i never make it to the lego convintions :'(

2009 star wars weekend was on June 13-14. this year giveaways were a exclusive Lego poster, 2009 SW days brick and the droid hunt ribbons and one lucky contestand in the clone trooper scramble won a life size Lego Vader. they had the costume contest and a huge master model builder competition. you could also buy a exclusive anniversary edition silver stormtrooper magnet figure.i have a few bricks i can give out and one or two posters (have to ask for shipping charges for poster)for active JDers. one item per person...

sorry, all items were given away.

This weekend August 7th and 8th. Ill be there on Saturday. going to try and pick up some extra stuff.


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