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Which Star Wars Movie Do You Watch the Most?

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I suppose these days with many of us having seen these movies tons of times, and with them showing up on television more regularly lately, the days of fans popping in the DVDs to watch one of the films from the Saga might not be as frequent.  But, if you do still pop in the DVDs once in awhile, which movie from the Saga do you find yourself watching the most?  Do you choose to watch a trilogy at a time, or the whole works together, or just a film here or there?

I have to say, until Spike aired them this year, I hadn't watched TPM or AOTC for quite awhile.  I caught them both on Spike (actually, I usually catch at least some of each of the movies when they are aired on there, if we're home).  I'd have to say I watch the OT in general the most, by far.  I suppose over my lifetime I've probably seen the original Star Wars the most of all, because I remember a time where that was the only one that was really on TV (usually on FOX locally on weekends, or on TBS).  I went through a period where if I popped in a DVD to watch though, it was usually Empire (my favorite), and Jedi gets plenty of views as well.  I watch ROTS the most of the prequels, and enjoy checking that out every so often as well.  I know that I'm probably against the norm here, because although I've seen them all so many times, I do still watch them probably at least every other month or so (the OT at least).  Anyways, which movie do you choose to watch the most, if you watch them at all anymore?

I think the one that I've watched the most often recently, and even then a couple times in the last few month is ROTS.  My nephew slept over a couple times and we watched it.  In my life I've seen ROTJ the most.  When I was little we would take family trips in the motorhome and it had a TV/VCR and that was the only one of the OT that we kept in the motorhome, so that was what we watched a lot of.  This was when I was 10-12, so I was fine with the Ewoks beating up on the Imps, and the space battles were cool.  I'll admit I was too young to appreciate the superiority of ESB.

Probably The Empire Strikes Back.

ROTJ. My favorite of the six. Followed closely by ESB and ANH.



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