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Hasbro always has to balance between logistics, scale, play value and cost of production. But when hasbro did not make accurate Turrets that shoot missles every time you pull the sound effect switch they whent to far. I actually bought a second Millenium Falcon, Cut off the barrels off one turret and added it to the new another.  Just kidding, I don't have that kind of money but I still have the mold for those of you who are with me. Lets start a revolution. ! It's time Hasbro stops tellin us what we want!  .... ok its time for bed Patty.

The original hasbro version


The paint streaks are not so bad when it's not a close up. I never have any luck with paint. I used game workshop paint. Any suggestions?

Use some dust from artist charcol, black, and lightly apply it to the barell tips.  Use another darker grey to go around the rest or the barell.

something like that but they come in various shades.

That sounds real good but what i'm referring to is bumppyness and paint streaks.

Did you sand it thoroughly? Wash with soap and water? I prefer Acrylic paints as they tend to be more forgiving and level out better than Enamels. If you use something like a flat Testors acrylic basecoat and a flat clear topcoat, you can usually hide a lot of sin. You might look into some Modelmaster(made by testors corp) bottles and or rattle cans.


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