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After the Mysterious death of an Most RESPECTED JEDI MASTER,
several thousand SPACE RAIDERS have begun their invasion of
territories on the untamed jungle world of PROLOXIS IV, under the
leadership of simple-minded MONTAGRA, who it would appear has
garnered the attention of an Yet to be identified DARK LORD OF
THE SITH. Upon hearing such news, the NEW GALACTIC REPUBLIC
is left no other Option; but to send a RELIEF EFFORT led by LUKE
SKYWALKER. The Jedi was already en route to pay his last respects
to the fallen master, As well as head up a lengthy investigation into
his dark demise. Unaware of the attempted revolution, Jedi Master
and Heir to the Throne GIGIN-TAUE SOEAR comes to the end of his
right of passage as The BALANCE OF THE FORCE is left in serious risk
of breaking And ushering in a new era of Suffering…………..

The wayward fleet descends upon Proloxis IV, a massive untamed jungle planet. Ruled and founded by a Rebellion relief effort some twenty years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. After the threat was subsided Squadron leader Yap-En Soear took to the throne of the planet, ushering in an era of philosophical research into the force. Under his rule the well fare of the Jedi community prospered as his son Gigin Taue journeyed deep into untamed terrorties with wife to be and apprentice Umble Zarr.
Twelve years past quickly and peacefully as the newly established Jedi council in the deep forest regions continued to break new ground in force techniques, until conflict arose amongst the highest ranking over the ascension of cas-lo vont to council leader due to the fact that gigin-taue was forced to ascend to the throne of the planet, because of the murder of his father whom it would appear was killed by someone practicing extreme force powers that would not only rival but outclass the strongest of the new Jedi order.

Aboard the Jedi Escort Luke Skywalker communicates to his fleet to prepare the troops for a ground deployment, his wife Mara Jade braces their two-year-old son Ben as the vessel breaks through the planets Atmosphere.

Luke: alright, keep your noses up were heading into heavy fire from what comm-scan is telling me.

Han: (through intercom) that’s great Luke, but the fleet and I would much rather know the force is telling

Luke: sorry Han I was just trying to be a commander for once. But while were on the subject I'm sensing a massive amount of soldiers, pilots, generals…and Montagra!

Mara: yet again, we cross paths with that beast you unwisely decided to train while we where crash-landed on….

Han: (through intercom) hey cut him some slack Mara, I’m sure I've taught countless kids piloting tricks while stranded somewhere with nothing else to do.

Luke: you keep your eyes open Han lead the first waves in; I must go to the deep frontier council to confer with master Gigin-Taue.

The Millennium Falcon speeds past the Jedi escort with dozens of V, X wings and Mon Cal destroyers following the general to the undefended city of Orran.

Mara: it's the prescience of montagra, I can feel it.

Luke: he vowed harm would come to you, and there's be nothing I could do about it.

Mara: threats, that's all Luke empty threats. Sometimes I think you're still a farm boy leading his fathers saber through the galaxy.

Luke: I could do without the belittlement in front of my knights, but to say the least there has been part of what he said that has gone unknown to you for sometime.

Mara: and that would be?

Luke: understand that this rather difficult for me, but he swore that somewhere in the caves of Korriban: he discovered a prophecy, which foretold the end of the Galaxy…and the force.

Mara: I suppose we have more than something to do with it.

Luke: Yes, Mara. But I must confess each mission since he told me that I've begun to feel something arising in the force.

Mara: if were both doomed to the preordain; then what of our son whom we both know is an unexpected and reluctant force user.

Luke: I believe he will be left with the ultimate test of our kind, and survive to conquer his own days.

Mara: at least we can rejoice in the fact were together now in this moment, and for some reason I think these are the times that count in the eyes of the force.

The two embrace as the vessel heads into the overgrown jungle path to the deep frontier. The Relief Effort Speeds through the canopy jungles to reach Orran before the Space Raiders Attack the capitol city.

Marching down the main bridge of Orran is a procession of Jedi masters, knights, apprentices, Soldiers, medicine men, senators, and of course residents of the planet; All marching behind the royal family of Soear. Bells ring all throughout the valley, praise is shouted from the rooftops as the citizens welcome the new lord of the planet. Gigin-Taue comes to the end of the path and walks over to the Switch of the planetary beacon, all throughout the cities of proloxis four was built a series of sensors all connected to the beacon in Orran that when turned on would light up the entire planet.

For one such instant Proloxis four would be the brightest shining planet in the galaxy, capable of being observed from any sky, of course it is tradition for the beacon to be switched upon emergency or the coming of the new lord. His wife Umble Zarr stands attempting to show joy while holding their three old son Zeb-Ska, behind the new queen stands Jacen Solo and Chi-Ro Rahem both Jedi Knights Training under Gigin-Taue for master hood of the Jedi arts.

Gigin-Taue: upon setting off this beacon my fathers rule comes to an end, if only he where here to see this glorious moment. I will let you my people hold me to the oaths I have taken to uphold Peace and Justice upon this our home world of Proloxis IV.

The crowds cheer and throw purple flower buds into the air, and light giant sticks of in sense. The entire City of Orran is engulfed in the flower buds, all present are too jovial to detect any ripple in the force as the impending Invaders approach. Gigin-Taue knells before the trigger to the beacon as he goes to press the trigger jacen Solo senses the rapidly approaching junk Barges and junk fighters.

Jacen: (igniting green bladed LightSaber) no Master Soear! Were in danger!

Chi-Ro: do not undermine the abilities of our master!

Umble Zarr: (Cradling Zeb-Ska) what is the meaning of this Solo!

Jacen runs to stop his master from igniting the planetary beacon as an armada of Retrofitted Junk Barges blast out of Hyperspace above the city. Gigin-taue gasps in aw of the sheer multitude of vessels preparing to open fire upon his birthplace; the ships go to open fire as Soear Engages the beacon.

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