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Indy 5-New Figures?

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Big article in the LA Times about Lucas and Ford moving forward with Indy 5.  I wonder if we'll get new figs, or if the line was such a disaster that Habsro wouldn't bother.

I sure hope we get more figures, and I'm sure Hasbro would do it for Indy V. Even in just a single year with a single wave per movie, there's so much more that could be made. There are big holes in the line like Toht, White Dress Marion, German Mechanic, White Suit Belloq, Tux Indy, Lao Che, Red Dress Willie, Donovan, Last Crusade Sallah, Marcus Brody, KotCS Marion, Oxley, and Mac, that desperately need to be filled. :-\

Oh and mine cars. We can't forget mine cars. :)

37 views and only one response?  No wonder this line tanked!


--- Quote from: speedermike on October  5, 2008, 09:54 PM ---37 views and only one response?  No wonder this line tanked!

--- End quote ---

My first thought was "dear god, let the movies die already."  :)  I'm sure I'm not the only one.

If there is an Indy 5 - and for the record I hope there's not despite the fact that I moderately enjoyed Indy 4 - I'm sure Hasbro will have learned the lesson and cut back on production.  I think anticipation for #4 was so high they thought the line was fly off the shelves as Star Wars once did.  But at $7-8 a figure even Star Wars isn't flying off the shelves, and this was bound to have a much lighter fan base (with a shorter span of interest as well).


Darth Broem:
I assume they will but hopefully next time they can somehow stay away from glutting stores with the same damn product.  These stores are dumb though and always order way too much of the same intial product.  I think that really killed this line.  That and some of the figures choices were not to good.  I mean who would you rather have a Melty head Toht or Monkey Man first?  Would you rather have Mola Ram or t-shirt Mutt first?  I know they wanted to stick with movies theme, but with this franchise they need to include Indy and the villains or highly recognizeable figures/characters first and the hopefully work from there.    Not that Mutt was not easy to recognize but 2 in one wave was idiotic. 

They really need to focus on what some older collectors want because ultimately they will be the ones to stick with it.  Get that TLC tank out there.  Get Indy with sidecar for dear old dad to ride in.  Get that Flying Wing released.  Stay away from the Jungle Cutter and get the Rocket Sled made.  Make a figure of Dovchencko w/out his hat.  Heck, even add some ants on the guy. 

In the end maybe they are right though.  Perhaps the fanbase just is not big enough.  No kids are into Indy.  It's just us old fogies primarily. 


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