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doing a wash?

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Hey all,

i want to do some sort of facial wash on a charator to bring out face detail, can n e 1 help me out?

I went to the tips and tricks guide but i got this message.

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It works just fine for me...  ???

Give this thread a try. Hemble has a pretty good method. And Jayson's suggestion may work too.

Siths Herald:
I use Testors acrylics (they are getting harder to find, but Micheals still usually has them).  If I want a heavy dirty wash, I will dip the brush in water first then dip it quickly in the paint.  Spread the thinned paint up and wipe it off with a rag within a few seconds.  The longer you let it set, the less will wipe off.

For a lighter wash, for detailing, I will dip the brush in the paint first, and then dip it in the water.  The longer you leave it in the water, the lighter your wash will be, and the thinner the coat will be.  However, the thinner the coat, the faster it will dry too, so sometimes you need to work quick.

Finally, don't always use black as your wash color.  Sometimes it's best, but for a more sublte wash, go with a color that is just a few shades darker than what you are washing.

I've found these methods to work okay for highlighting too, but I prefer to drybrush for that.

Jesse James:
I'm not a Testor's fan so I'll give a different opinion...

I am a Tamiya fan, and Tamiya's usually only available at a good hobby shop (especially if they have a large military models section or RC cars).  I mix my washes to a consistancey I need/want using eye droppers (cheap/disposeable) or syringes I've accumulated (again, cheap/disposeable).

The colors you use vary for washes.  Like if you want to put a wash on a hair paintjob to give it a layered/highlighted look you can use a lighter or darker shade of the same color, etc.  I then let it dry slightly but not completely, and wipe it off with papertowel so it rests in the recessed areas and cleans off the raised areas.

thanks YA'LL!


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