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Anyone making Custom Indy figures to fill out your collection?

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Jesse James:
Just curious if anyone's considering some "customs", though some may be pretty simplistic/easy I think, to fill out their collection...

Maybe a German Disguise Indy, or perhaps a Colonel Dietrich?  What about a decent Cairo Streets Indy since the whipping action one is lame?

I have a couple customs I'd like to do pertaining to IJ specifically...  I'm definitely wanting to do a German bike with sidecar for Indy/Henry Sr., maybe a German bike w/sidecar for desert chase scene...

Considering Hasbro's killing the line one ****** case assortment at a time, I figured maybe some of you were considering some "simple" customs, even if customizing isn't your normal way to get your jollies, just to flesh out the display shelf a little.

I picked up an extra German 2-pack at Target this week... planning to use one of them to make a German Officer Indy.  I'm thinking of using the RPG Indy head since he's plentiful and has no hat.

I've also picked up a few extra Russians/Ugha to customize/headswap so I can add some variety there.  I've also seen some nice "white suit" Belloq recipes out there using TLC Indy as the base figure, so I'm thinking I might try that if I'm stuck with an extra TLC Indy in my TOD case.

Darth Broem:
Can anyone make a Toht.  LOL!  That really bugs me not to have that melty one.

I've already filled a few spaces with some really easy head swaps.  I made a German Disguise Indy with a German soldier and a rocket launcher Indy head (and some age reducing paint).  I made a Professor Indy from KOTCS with yet another rocket launcher Indy head and a Sr. body, and last but not least I also made a Cario Indy with a Temple Trap head and the body from the Ark Indy, which underneath the robes is more scruffy and suitably sweat stained.   :)

I'm looking at doing the same sidecar custom everyone else is doing too, but I'd much prefer Hasbro to fill these holes for me.   :(

I wanted a rugged, beat- the- crap outta someone Indy, so I used the following:
KOTCS Indy legs and head, cut down, hair painted and hat from DX horse Indy
TOD Indy torso (I know-sacrilege!)
Arms, jacket, satchel and belt from LC Indy
Finally, I wanted him to be fightin' mad, so I used the right (gloved) clenched fist from GI Joe Shipwreck, and open left from the same, but haven't painted them a leather color yet. I'd really like to do another and dusty him up a bit, but we'll see how easy the TOD Indy is to come by...Also hoping someone has a good recipe for a Nepal Marion.
Sorry no pics, but trust me, its a pretty good recipe :)


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