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Time for a shamless plug.  :P

Checking out the otheR site, a new book is book is up for presale at

Todd DeMartino presents The Saga Museum 30 Years of Star Wars Toys.

Clicky the link above, check out the sample pages & the blog. This is on heck of a book for the collection.

--- Quote ---· A 700 page chronological history of the Kenner/Hasbro Star Wars toy line from 1977 – 2007.

· Exhaustive coverage of each packaging variation.

· Items never showcased in any other publication, presented in a way like you’ve never seen.

· Presented in a large 2 volume, coffee table-style 9 ½” x 12” hardcover format.

· Limited edition of only 5000 copies.

- The most comprehensive book ever published on Kenner U.S. production items spanning the following categories: 2200 Carded Action Figures, 300 Kenner Baggie Figures, 80 Department Store Multi-Packs, 350 Multi-Packs, 200 Value-Packs, 300 Large Dolls, 50 Creature Sets, 100 Playsets, 350 Vehicles, 400 Scaled Miniatures, 200 Preschool items, 100 Accessories, 250 Role Play toys, 200 Games, 100 Plush toys, 100 Catalogs and 250 Miscellaneous items. Just to name a few!
--- End quote ---

Availability: Estimated to arrive in January - February 2009 (subject to change).

Orders within the United States ($75 + $12 shipping).

International Orders ($75 + $35 shipping).

Pretty damn good price for a 2 volume book of 700 pages & 12 pounds. Yes, that's right... 12 pounds.

Also Duncan Jenkins & Gus Lopez will be having a book coming out soon, Gus & Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles. I'll have more details on that when it comes time about pre-orders but for now you can check out the sample pages.  ;D

Table of Contents
p. 202, Coins
p. 208, Comics
p. 677-678, Patches
p. 737, Replica Props
p. 971-972, Licensee Index

Both these books are a must.  ;)

The books look great and ill buy one but which one i don't know. i like the stuff Gus has but are the pictures going to be the same ones as the ones on his website or new ones???

Looks like it will be new photography but there might be some that are same in the archive, still good for this price guide. 

--- Quote ---We're planning to sell for $59.99 + postage (tentative) but will finalize the price when we take preorders in the next couple of weeks. We want this to be reasonably priced for a book of this size (992 pages, all color, hardback).
--- End quote ---

That was mentioned back on 09/27/08, hopefully we hear something soon. Will keep ya posted.  :)

2 great books & very large.  ;D

I wonder how many peope will get this so they can look through it and say, "Got it, got it, need it, got it, need, it, need it, got it..."



--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on October 29, 2008, 04:45 PM ---I wonder how many peope will get this so they can look through it and say, "Got it, got it, need it, got it, need, it, need it, got it..."


--- End quote ---

 For me its more need it than got it but i love to look at the books that have rare and foreign stuff. as big of a collection that i have there is something about having to see all those carded figures all in one page. That is almost better than looking at them on my wall.


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