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SURPRISE!!!! I've decided to split my photonovel into three parts, in order to be able to devote more time to perfecting some scenes/shots I've been having trouble with. That and I just couldn't wait to get something posted! LMK what you guys think. Enjoy! :D

The Imperial military continues to serve the galaxy and its citizens with honor and pride.

But as the Army liberates yet another planet with its recent victory on Mygeeto,

More and more Jedi are being sighted on the front lines assisting these fierce bands of rebels in battle.

Meanwhile, closer to home, at the secret and heavily guarded excavation underway at the Jedi Temple,

Four Jedi terrorists tried to get inside, killing guards and contractors alike, before they forced an elite team of Imperial commandos to end their lives.

What was their purpose in committing this violent atrocity? The public leader of the excavation, Doctor Sevana Nomante, announced yesterday that her team made a breakthrough discovery that will bring them closer to finding the powerful Jedi artifact that could have been the Emperor’s very goal in ordering this massive effort…

Nomante has met with a team of bounty hunters, including the famous Iktochki Kelloth, after putting out a dangerous call for help,

A call for a dangerous Jedi Knight that could be the key to finding the artifact, and the ancient secrets it holds…   

FARELLE: Imperials…now we’re finished!

FARELLE: Padawan?

GRECO: Mmm…no we’re not. We can do this.

COLONEL: You will come with us now, Antilles.

GRECO: Yeah, when clones start looking good.

GRECO: I’m sorry. That was directed at your troops. I thought you were just a really ugly recruit.


GRECO: You punch like a clone.

SEVANA: Enough!

FARELLE: Yeah, he’s not gonna shut up!

GRECO: The man knows me. And who might you be, gorgeous?

SEVANA: Dr. Sevana Nomante, head Force history specialist.

GRECO: Force history specialist, huh? Quick...Agen Kolar!

SEVANA: Agen Kolar, Jedi Master, species Zabrak, born Iridonia, killed Coroscaunt in an attempt to murder Emperor Palpatine.

GRECO: Ha! Yep, you’re an expert. I can see why the Imps gave you that job.

SEVANA: There is no such thing as an unbiased teaching of history, don’t think I’m foolish enough to not know this. However my studies did not entirely involve listening to Imperial propaganda in a classroom. I participated in a lot of, what should I call it, extracurricular activities over the years as well under the instruction of Lord Vader himself.

GRECO: Like what? Sewing club?

GRECO: Take it easy, sweetheart, you might poke someone’s eye out.

SEVANA: You will help us.

GRECO: Look, he even taught you Jedi mind tricks. He didn’t do a very good job though…

GRECO: Okay, okay, I’ll bite, what do you want?

SEVANA: We’ve recovered texts during the excavation of your Jedi Temple on Coroscaunt…that we believe will help reveal the location of one of the last known holocrons the Empire hasn’t yet acquired. You need to help us read them.

GRECO: Well why didn’t you just walk up, buy me a drink, and ask? Let me see those texts.

SEVANA: Here. No tricks, Antilles.

GRECO: Of course not…

GRECO: Probably should’ve broken that first…Farelle, lightsaber!

FARELLE: You mean this one, Padawan?

GRECO: Woh! Yep, that one. Careful, you might slit my throat.

FARELLE: I’m sorry, Padawan.

GRECO: No problem, now hand it over, buddy.

GRECO: Wait…seriously? Why, Farelle?

FARELLE: I’ve gotta look out for myself, Padawan.

SEVANA: Excellent work, Master Farelle. Or would you prefer ‘General?’

GRECO: Nice…a hero of the Clone Wars is now a wuss of the Purge. I should’ve saved the damn bottle for you!

SEVANA: It looks like you better translate these texts…now!

GRECO: Why don’t you have your new General do it?

FARELLE: Because I wouldn’t know how! You do! It’s in some lost Wookiee language.

GRECO: Well I’m not fluent, but I know someone who is. My designated driver.


FARELLE: Damnit! You called Cal!

COLONEL: Who’s Cal?

GRECO: My friend Calbacca…Calbacca the Wookiee. Say hi.

GRECO: Maybe he’ll give you a hug!


FARELLE: Oh, my back, my arm, and my back!

GRECO: Good entry! Now get out of here and take the texts!

SEVANA: You did well, General. Your loyalty to the Imperial cause will pay off soon enough.

GRECO: It looks like it’s just you and me now.

GRECO: I’m gonna get a datapad, read off what the texts said. We better hurry, this is the first place Farelle’s gonna come looking for us.

GRECO: ‘Find it at the great temple where the life of a Jedi is begun…and return it to the great temple where the weapon of a Jedi is forged…only there will the secrets of the universe be revealed.’ The holocron’s on Coroscaunt.

GRECO: Destroy those texts. Come on, we better find a transport.

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