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I thought i saw a thread on this, but lost it. I was wondering if anyone had ever successfully increased or enlarged any vehicles using this stuff. I was thinking AT-AP enhancement. I can't imagine how'd you get two items to expand at the same rate and end up being the same size. sounds interesting though.

Jesse James:
I've heard some about it but never used it.  I'd like to give it a go at some point though.  The thought of being able to shrink down any larger scale headsculpt to 1:18 is, itself, intriguing.

Vehicles and casting wouldn't be very practical, but I can imagine more uses for it with figures for sure.

Sounds fascinating. I'd love to learn how to enlarge a Tri-Droid, at least that's what immediately pops into mind when I think about how I would use a method like this.

Sand crawler would be my first choice then maybe Sith infiltrator

I've used it, but with very little success.
You would need to make a mold of the existing  ship, then mix and pour the Hydrospan into the mold.
I dont think you could bank on the 2 parts expanding to the same size. You would need to pour from the same batch and have them both in exact same conditions for expanding.
Just my opinion though.


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