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Regular dish soap will work fine, you don't want anything that is gritty as it will scratch & use a soap that is not too scented.

john todd:
i'm not sure if Rob ever mentioned what exactly he used, but on page 19 of the latest acquisitions thread, he shows where he did a pretty damn nice job of cleaning up an ewok village. which reminds me that i have a death star boxed up somewhere that could use a little tlc.

I use Q-tips and baby wipes. its been more than 10 years since i started using to clean my collection and there has been no residue. You can wrap the wipes around the tip of the swab and scrub with that...

Great!  Thanks for all the advice y'all.  I've never done any of this before and I'm totally paranoid about ruining my childhood toys (and the foundation of my collection).

Darth Broem:
Yeah, I am kind of sad because my original Imperial Shuttle has that "yellowing" crap going on now.  It was fine until I moved from Illinois to the dessert here in Phoenix.  A couple of other vehicles are doing it now to.  I guess it's the dry environment.  I do have a humidfier and run it so I guess it may have been worse but oh well. 


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