Author Topic: Mid-Winter Garage Sale: Loose & MOC SW figures, movies  (Read 468 times)

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Mid-Winter Garage Sale: Loose & MOC SW figures, movies
« on: December 31, 2008, 03:51 PM »
The following items are for sale. I'll email you a picture if you need. PM me--and feel free to make offers--especially if buying several figures. I may have some random SW stuff that I'll throw into large lots for free. Shipping is not included, but I'll work with what you need for that.

MOC Vintage Saga Bossk - $10 (or trade for Vintage Saga Snowtrooper—doesn’t need to be MOC, loose with cardback is fine)
MOC EP I C-3P0 - $6
MOC POTF2 EU Dark Luke - $10
MIB EP I Obi Wan Kenobi w/ Gungan Scout Sub - $15

Set of 5 Master Replicas limited release pins, still in wrapper ($25 for the set?):
2002 Han Solo Blaster ANH
2003 Darth Vader Lightsaber ANH
2004 AT-AT ESB
2005 Luke Jedi Lightsaber
2006 Millennium Falcon ESB
(no idea what these are worth; only 500 were made of each)

TAC ROTJ Jedi Luke Skywalker (w/ coin) - $5
TAC Darth Vader (#1 - no coin album or coin) - $3
Comic Book Vilmarh Grahk - $4
ROTS SaeSee Tiin - $4
POTF2 Ponda Baba from Cinema Scene - $1.50
POTF2 Han Solo Hoth Gear - $1.50
SAGA Super Battle Droid (from Deluxe Yoda set) - $2.50
ROTS Emperor Palpatine (Skirmish in the Senate) - $1.50
ROTS Yoda (Skirmish in the Senate) - $1.50
ROTS General Grievous (only has 2 of 4 arms, no weapons) - $1

I also have some arena columns from the SAGA Padme figure and some droid factory pieces from the C-3PO/Battle Droid Deluxe Set. Let me know if interested.

If anyone is interested in VHS videos, I have some for sale (3 for $5 unless otherwise noted):

James Bond movies (19 movies; Dr. No - The World Is Not Enough) - $25
Indiana Jones Trilogy + Young Indiana Jones episode - $8
Hardware Wars
Simon Birch
Swing Kids
Strange Brew
Wedding Singer
Schindler's List
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Hitchcock w/ Jimmy Stewart)
Family Plot (Hitchcock's last movie)
X-Files: Fight the Future
Independence Day
The Sound of Music
Toy Story

DVD for sale: Star Wait (Documentary of fans waiting in line for weeks to be the first to see EPII) $4