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Ya I remember seeing that thing only once when Target had their price booboo.

I only ever saw one as well. Bought it and never opened it. Can I retire off it yet?

Maybe they'll do an OT repaint with rebel pilot and astro mech.

"You call that a snub fighter? THIS is a  snub fighter."

Jesse James:
It may not have been produced in high quantities.  There's usually a minimum but many people reported finding it at least once...  Not me, but I saw lots of reports at Target then TRU around the country, so I'd imagine if it doesn't show somewhere that they just didn't make many and it could actually wind up being one of the actual rare items of the line.

My local buddy Jim sold me his loose one because he didn't like it, and I'm thankful he did since I never got a sniff of this, nor even the Drop ship, at a local store.  Ordered those off the net.

I was disappointed to find only a single Y-Wing Scout Bomber at retail.  I think it was far and away one of the best mini-rigs of the year, and it was nearly impossible to find.  But I get the feeling that the first wave of SOTDS mini-rigs wound up being placeholders at retail while Hasbro scrambled to get the new designs produced.  It's like the Episode II Action Fleet scenario all over again!

I never ever found the y-wing.  If anyone wants to hook me up...


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