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I didn't see a thread this fit in, since there isn't a Clone Wars finds thread, but if someone wants to merge this, please do.

I was at a Super Wally this morning and there was a pallet of unopened cases.  I had already found the Legacy figs I wanted, and there were a number of stock people there, so I wasn't going to start opening cases.  But there was one case that I saw that I didn't recognize the description and hope someone can fill me in.  It said something along the lines of "SW Clone Wars EU 2 Packs".  I wish I'd had the presence of mind to take a pic with my phone so I could atleast have gotten the text right, or asked one of the stock people to open it for me (it was 2:30 am, so I wasn't thinking straight).  Anyone know what this might be?  The only Walmart two packs I know about are the BAD line in the Legacy collection.  Is Walmart getting a Clone Wars line of 2packs?

They could be the Anakin/R2 and Grievous/Battle Droid Sets that I saw/picked up at TRU recently.

That might be it, I forgot about those (IIRC wasn't there some speculation that the R2/Anakin sets would be the replacement for the Droid Factory sets? glad that isn't the case).  I'll have to check again sometime next week to see if they've stocked those.  Otherwise maybe WM and Hasbro have snuck something out.

I am pretty sure that "SW EU 2 Packs" = the Comic Packs in Hasbro-speak.

They may have been the standard Comic Packs or they may have been the new Walmart exclusive ones that are due anyday now, but I'm betting they were just Comic Packs.

On the WalMart theme, prices on the vehicle line seem to be up at WalMart.  I had been holding off on buying the repainted AAT.  Much to my chagrin, when I finally got one tonight it scanned in at $24.77.  Ouch!


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