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I've only managed to get about 170 pages into "Apocalypse" so far, but I keep alternating between excitement to find out what Abeloth is and fear because of how outlandish I expect it to be.

I have a feeling Matt is the only other person reading this book and you are probably done, but just in case spoiler alert.......

(I vomited a little when the Killiks showed up. Man I hated those books)

I've been playing Mass Effect 3, and I think you are farther than I am at this point.

I'm avoiding your spoiler.

Done with "Apocolypse". I'd give it a B-. Won't say anything as far as spoilers go.

There was some interesting stuff. The force balance thing and the stuff from the CW cartoon (I'll keep it at that to stay away from spoilers) not so sure about what to think. Which coincides with what Abeloth is. I know most SW stuff isn't "realistic" but felt that stuff was little outside the realm of what I like imagining is real in the SW world.

Interesting to see where they go next.

And on a random note, I miss Vergere. I've always wanted to know more about her and was hoping she would somehow have had something to do with what was going on in these books and we'd learn more about her. I know that doesn't make a ton of sense, but with the little bit of Jacen stuff and the Luke stuff all originating from trying to find out why Jacen did what he did I thought maybe she'd be a part of it. Oh well.

Edit-I had a feeling some of the stuff at the end was part of who the "Legacy" comic stuff was about. Guess I should have read those. And sort of kind Vergere-ish stuff plays a role.

OK conversation with self over.

I finished the Apocalypse tonight.  I thought it was a good book, and the series overall was decent.  They have definitely left it open for a new series and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

I like how they tied in The Old Republic, The Clone Wars Cartoon, most of the Post ROTJ EU and the Legacy comics into one series.  Some of it was a bit of a stretch at times (like the Darth Krayt portion) but they had hinted at the One Sith earlier when Ship returned to I wasn't rolling my eyes too much.

Some things that need to be addressed in future books:

- Somehow, Jagged Fell has to become the Head of State for the Empire again.
- Where did Vetara Khai end up?
- What will happen with the remnants of the Lost Tribe?
- Where will Daala end up?
- Allana has been revealed to have survived.  How will this play out with the Throne of Balance vision?

I guess we'll have to buy more books down the road.


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