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There are a bunch of free Fantasy Football sites out there and I have tried this before and it has never, ever worked but thought I'd give it another chance to see if anyone would want to play

Ideally I'd like 8 people...first come first serve and we could probably have up to 12.  Let me know here and if not I can try again next year and just play in my real world league ;)

Count me in. That would be fun. I never played fantasy football before but have always meant to get into it.

Mikey D:
Count me in too, Scott.  Strictly bragging rights only, correct?

Yeah Bragging Rights Only...which means we will have to sacrifice on a few things, namely the "draft" most free sites you get to rank your players at each position and then you get who you get.

I would love to play so count me in.  How do you play your fantasy football Scott?  I've always played mine through Yahoo.  I have found them to be the best out on the Internet, and that's who I've used for the last 4-5 years.


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