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Congrats to Jeff and Paul! Thanks for all you've done, Chris!

Congratulations to Chris, Jeff and Paul! I know we're in good hands for the future.

Congrats!  ;D

Congrats to everyone.

So, I'm interested to hear the backstory on all this. Why'd Chris leave (is he still going to be around to post)? How did Paul and Jeff make their ways to taking the helm. And why the sudden 180 for Jeff; from resigning as staff member because he needed more free time, to becoming co-owner and webmaster (seems like that'll zap even more of his free time).

I'd also like to know what other major changes or ideas you two have for the site.

Just hecka curious about all of it.


I'll just hafta come back to your Lab and see what's on the Slab !!   :D


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