Author Topic: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?  (Read 2992 times)


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This is a hypothetical thread question, if SW Realistic toys were ending the summer of next year and you only had 22 figures (3 Waves 8,8,6) and 4 vehicles left to pick who/what would they be? It could be anyone and not complete movie waves. Any and all movies/EU goes. Beasts can count in the vehicles category too.

(FYI - Don't count the rest of this year, just what you would truly want to be satisfied with everything to end the line)

Remember, 22 figures (3 Waves) and 4 vehicles left to pick who/what would they be before the line would end?

Here are my picks to blow the final load:

 1. Han Bespin SA
 2. Klaatu (Vintage style)
 3. EV-9D9 resculpt
 4. Ackmena
 5. Luke Hoth SA
 6. Leia Hoth SA
 7. Tonn Farr
 8. Grand Moff Tarkin
 9. Yakface rescult
10. Gammorean Guard
11. Sim Aloo
12. Lando General
13. Nien Numb
14. Admiral Ackbar
15. Wicket & Logray 2pk
16. Bith Cantina Musician
17. Fozec
18. Weequay Skiff Master
19. Bom Vidam
20. Vintage Nikto
21. Ponda Baba
22. Dr. Evezean

1. Jabba the Hutt
2. Taun-Tauns (Luke/Hans)
3. Dewback
4. Big ass AT-AT

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Those are some good picks.  I don't think I'd want any re-works at this stage on figures or ships.  If this was our last shot at new figs, I’d vote to see a host of characters from the New Jedi Order.  Something like 19 novels, a comic on the way and we still have no Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, etc.  I’d love to get a Saba, Ganner, Kyp Durron, Lowbacca, more Vong, etc.  I’d like to see more Legacy (comics) figs as well, though that’s been well covered with recent and upcoming figs.  There are some great Sith to choose from, as well as Syn & Blue yet to be made.  I’d even like to see a few of Cade’s old pirate cronies.  For ships, the Imperial “Eyeball” fighters and Cade’s ship the Mynock would be pretty cool additions.  A Vong coralskipper would be cool as well.  With a fourth option, I’d probably take Anakin’s Twilight from the Clone Wars as well.
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It is easy to pick 10 figures from all 6 films it is hard to whittle that down to 10-20 must makes.  Some of my personal wishlist choices are made in the fashion that the line will end tomorrow and we need X to complete a scene or group.  But there is part of my choices that are made with the realization that we have a long way to go still and everything will probably eventually get done.  

But my other big wish is to get ultra awesome versions of the original Kenner figs.  And we are getting closer and closer every year, so, with all that being would be my 22 essential figures:

1. Death Squad Commander
2. Lars Power Droid
3. Walrusman
4. Bespin Guard (Vintage Updates running changes)
5. Echo Base Trooper
6. Han Solo (Bespin)
7. Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
8. Princess Leia (Hoth)
9. Sim Aloo
10. Nikto (Vintage)
11. Lumat
12. Gamorrean Guard
13. Yakface
14. Admiral Ackbar
15. Nein Nunb
16. Wooof
17.  Kithaba

Then are my top 5 Cantina Aliens

18. Bom Vimdin
19. Tonnika Sister
20. Hrchek Kal Fas
21. Bannis Keeg
22. Doctor Evazan

For vehicles/beasties I really only want one thing:

Jabba the Hutt Deluxe Battle Pack w/ Dais and Soft good pelts, BBQ Spit etc etc

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Wave 1:

1.  R5-X2
2.  Home One R3 unit
3.  Grizz Frix
4.  AV-6R7
5.  Imperial Power droid from Death Star
6.  That glowing Skywalker farmstead treadwell droid
7.  Red & White Sailbarge bartender R2 unit from ROTJ
8.  Green R5 unit from CW
R3-T2 (correct dome colors)
Orange Hoth R2

Wave 2:

1.  R5-A7
2.  Home One R5 unit
3.  R3-P5
4.  Black R2 from Rebel briefing scene on Yavin
5.  Tiree
6.  Giant Mouse droid from Death Star

Wave 3:

1.  Black & Blue domed R2 from Mos Eisley
2.  Yellow & Grey R2 from podrace hangar
3.  Yellow dome R3 ffrom AOTC
4.  R4-T8
5.  R7-A7
6.  R6-H5
7.  Wedge's white domed R2 from ROTJ
8.  Grizz Frix's white domed R5 unit from ROTJ
White R5 from rebel briefing scene on Yavin

I'd like to combine all four of my vehicle choise into one DEATH STAR PLAYSET!
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This is sort of a gloomy thread considering Hasbro really is doing their best work right now...  Not at their best prices of course, and maybe not at the best times for the line, but definitely their best figures have been made in the last several years.  The articulation, the scale, the sculpting, the detail, the accessories...  I don't think it's ever been this good.

That said, I'll play along...  There's a few figures I would simply be pissed if this line ended without doing them properly.  There aren't a ton that I don't have in some form or another that I would feel the same way without them in the line at all though.  For me, it's more who was never done properly, so my list would consist of a LOT of resculpts, mostly OT figures.

1 )  Rebel Fleet Trooper...  #1 on my list in every way, Hasbro has yet to do this figure properly.  It's the mainline Rebel soldier, and yet somehow the honor guard and technician are better overall figures.  That sucks.  As an army builder though, it really sucks that they've not given us that definitive, generic, Rebel Fleet Trooper with all the bells and whistles.  The first figure was pathetic, even for its time, and the second figure was a notch below par for its time, and besides looking better than the first figure, it was a pretty sad toy overall and lacked most any features and many smaller details.

2 )  Grand Moff Tarkin...  His POTF2 figure is poor, and his ROTS figure is only accurate to his ROTS character (looking NOTHING like Peter Cushing, not to mention the uniform isn't right either).  Tarkin's my favorite character in the trilogy and so he's my #2 most wanted resculpt.  If we're allowed to "live" a little with these choices, I'd request he come with a chair and maybe part of the Death Star conference table...  That way you could buy multiple Tarkins and make the table, or just have him sit at a "desk" or something.

3 )  Garrouf Lafoe...  Weird choice?  Perhaps, but human characters are lacking and the Cantina snitch is one I've wanted for a while.  Give me Lafoe so my Cantina can finally have that shady human guy in it.

4 )  Echo Base Trooper...  I'm not a huge demander of seeing the vintage line totally fleshed out.  It'd be nice, but if we're limited to 22 figures, then my priorities shift, and certain guys like the Death Squad Trooper will get nixed...  He's basically Captain Needa with a DST helmet on and a headset, so I can make that myself easy enough.  The echo base Rebel Soldiers aren't near as easy to whip up though.  Some of the base parts exist, but really I'd prefer a Hasbro-made Echo base trooper.

5 )  Luke Hoth...  This figure's never been done right, and that's a shame.  We need him.

6 )  Bespin Han...  See above.  I'm amazed this figure hasn't happened yet, other than the POTJ figure was pretty slick looking.  Regardless of how nice it looked though, it's a poor figure by today's standards.  It at least needs a new headsculpt, new articulated arms, and new articulated legs.  The torso rocks and could be re-used though.  Ideally to me though, they'd do the ultimate GOOD softgoods coat for him, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for that happening.

7 )  Hoth Leia...  Again, same as the last two, however I would request a "head variant" that gave us her bespin noggin' as well, so we could make a reasonably decent Bespin escape Leia.  It also would help SELL the figure, which seems to be a problem Leia's run into I guess.

8 )  Dr. Evazan...  One of the more noticeable Cantina characters and no good figure exists.  Time to update.

9 )  One or two of Jabba's Goons from the SE...  I don't care who, but I'd like one or two of the human goons.  The bearded guy and the pointy hat guy are probably my top two picks, but whatever.  One or the other would at least be nice.

10)  Vintage Nikto Guard...  It kills two birds with one stone.  Gives us a nice new Nikto and gets a vintage character off the table.  That's good.

11)  Weequay Skiff Master...  Too noticeable to pass up I think, plus again it gives us a nice new Weequay which the line doesn't have, as the POTF2 figure sorta sucks.

12)  Dak Raltier...  Luke's Gunner deserves a nice figure, and doubles as a very nice, generic, Rebel hoth pilot army builder too.  

13)  Bom Vimdin...  Probably the only unmade alien from the Cantina that I'm ga-ga to get.  Love that freak.  

14)  Ultimate ENdor Rebel...  Hasbro's have all been short of anything near perfect.  This figure will come with a removable vest and trench coat, so you can make a sergeant or grunt.  The articulation will be super articulated all around, and all the gear removable as it should be (bandolier, backpack, pistol, and rifle).  The Endor Rebel, sadly, is pretty much as sad as the other Rebel figures...  Definitely needing improvement here.

15)  Snowtrooper Officer w/Eweb Cannon...  I'd like to first see a really great Snowtrooper officer done, but also he will come with a properly scaled E-Web cannon that actually folds up for transport!

16)  Palpatine Office Duel...  One of the only prequal figures I can think of that I really, really, really would like to have done properly.  The ultimate softgoods figure.

17)  Palpatine Senate Duel...  Same as above, rivaling it for ultimate softgoods figure.
18 )  Rebel Infiltrator...  The rare EU character I'd slip in...  The infiltrators are the Snake Eyes of the Star Wars world, and would make a kickass figure to me.  Removable helmet/mask, throwing knives, working holster...  Based on the West End Games design, which is pretty sick looking.  I'd buy a hefty army of these guys.

19)  SPace Trooper...  The second EU character I'd slip in...  A West End Games style Space Trooper in the big bulky space suit/armor.  Make it removable and have a Stormtrooper in just his black spandex suit fit into the space armor suit like it should.  That would be the true Spacetrooper the line deserves, not that POS from the Zahn Trilogy comics.

20)  Sturdy, SA Battledroid...  A resculpt I believe the line needs desperately, is this figure.  Give him paint variants galore, and officer variant, the works.  And engineer one that's actually sturdy, and super articulated.  It's within their power to do so (the security droid is quite sturdy), so they need to get on this already.

21)  Prune Face...  Removable eye patch so you can have him with or without, and super articulation.  The Dresellian's are always overlooked and deserve a good new figure.

22)  Imperial "Technician"...  Super articulated, removable hat...  It'd be nice if Hasbro made it so you could replace his hands with gloved hands too, for variety.  It would double as a great Imperial Army Trooper (AT-ST Driver) as well.  Count me in for dozens of this figure if it were to be made.

1 )  Ultimate X-Wing...  To-scale to the action figures, removable armor panels to expose some of the engine and internal components, functional cockpit, functional droid socket, landing gear with gear doors that open/close, no droopy wings, perfect painted decals and extra water-transfer decals for customizing it to other pilots.  Even if this were $100, I'd buy at least 5, and probably quite a few more as time went on.

2 )  Ultimate Y-Wing...  Same as above.  No figures or electronic frills or anything, just a great to-scale ship that does the models of the original trilogy justice.

3 )  Ultimate Jabba...  Jabba the Hutt, all new and super detailed, and comes with his dais and whatnot.  Includes a repaint of the last Han in Carbonite slab in "frozen" deco.  Otherwise it's just a great new Jabba on a great new Dais, to finally wrap that thing up.

4 )  Ultimate Speederbike...  I'm ignoring the Snowspeeder and AT-ST since they're "rumored".  Just assuming we'll get them, otherwise they'd maybe replace Jabba and the Speederbike...  That said though, the Speederbike needs a new, simple, small resculpt.  Make a clear stand for it so it "hovers" and that's that, for that.  Count me in for one for every scout I've got around here, and that's a LOT of speederbikes.  I'd buy more for repaints too (Hoth, Shadow, stolen Rebel, etc.).

Pretty OT heavy, but I have a couple Prequal and EU wants that I'd love tos ee some day.  Ultimately though, perfect versions of figures are what I'd be looking for, mostly for figures we've already got that simply suck.

Where is all this stuff?  :(
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Cool thread idea. Here are my picks:

Wave One: Expanded Universe

-Ackmena w/giant rat (Holiday Special)
-Lumpy (Holiday Special)
-Sha'a Gi (Clone Wars micro-series)
-Nelvaan Shaman (Clone Wars micro-series)
-PROXY (The Force Unleashed)
-Kazdan Paratus (The Force Unleashed)

Wave Two: Prequel Trilogy

-Ep.1 Anakin Skywalker (resculpt)
-Ep.1 Jar Jar Binks (resculpt)
-Darth Maul (resculpt)
-Zam Wessell (resculpt)
-Barriss Offee (resculpt)
-San Hill (resculpt)
-Aayla Secura (resculpt)
-Utai 2-pack

Wave Three: Original Trilogy

-Tatooine Luke Skywalker (resculpt)
-Rebel Fleet Trooper (resculpt)
-Tonnika Sister(s)
-Bespin Han Solo (resculpt)
-Hoth Princess Leia (resculpt)
-Admiral Ackbar (resculpt)
-AT-ST Driver (resculpt)
-Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo


-Dragon w/Boba Fett (Holiday Special)
-Dewback w/Sandtrooper
-Krayt Dragon


-Cloud Car
-Tantive IV (BMF quality)
-Jabba's Sail Barge (ditto)

Wow, some tough choices in there, but I'd love that list and if all of that was made in one year I'd be totally fine with the line suddenly coming to an end.  8)
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Hypothetically speaking, here's my list:

Wave 1 (8 Figures-ANH/ESB):

1.  New SA Rebel Fleet Trooper (ANH)
2.  New SA Owen Lars (ANH)
3.  New SA Ponda Baba/Walrus Man (ANH)
4.  New SA Dr. Evazan (ANH)
5.  New SA Han Solo in Bespin Fatigues (ESB)
6.  New SA Zuckuss (ESB)
7.  New SA Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear (ESB)
8.  New SA Admiral Piett (ESB)

Wave 2 (8 Figures-TPM/AOTC/ROTS):

1.  New SA Battle Droid (just as Jesse described; TPM)
2.  New SA Jar Jar Binks (yes, I said it; TPM)
3.  New SA Zam Wesell (AOTC)
4.  New properly scaled Taun We (AOTC)
5.  New SA Barris Offee (AOTC)
6.  New SA Palpatine (Office Duel; ROTS)
7.  Nute Gunray (ROTS)
8.  New SA properly scaled MagnaGuard (ROTS) with soft goods cape

Wave 3 (6 Figures-ROTJ):

1.  New SA Admiral Ackbar
2.  Klaatu (the vintage one with the skirt)
3.  New EV-9D9
4.  New SA Nien Nunb
5.  New SA Gamorrean Guard
6.  Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo

Vehicles (4 total):

1.  Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car (ESB) with 2 Pilots (just repack the OTC version)

2.  Ultimate AT-AT (ESB) with 2 Drivers (just repack the TSC version)

3.  Ultimate Jabba the Hutt (with dais, pipe bowl, barbecue spit, pillows, and everything else you would expect to come with him, but most importantly, again, THE DAIS)

4.  The Twilight (Clone Wars) properly scaled
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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
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Wows...I'm not anywhere nearly as geeky as some of you guys are even though I'm sure we'll see everything listed here get produced up to and when the license expires and gets revalidated again in 2018.   I'm sure Hasbro and Lucas have a good thing going on....
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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #8 on: May 13, 2009, 02:22 AM »
Wave 1- Prequels

1. TPM SA Anakin
2. TPM SA Jar Jar
3. Dorme (seriously, Breha Organa before Dorme?)
4. SA Battle Droid, preferably from TPM
5. SA Barriss Offee (hated the Saga version)
6. SA Senate Duel Palpatine
7. SA Zam Wesell
8. Taun We resculpt, properly scaled

Waves 2 and 3, all OT-
1. SA Bespin Han
2. SA Hoth Luke
3. SA Nien Nunb
4. Owen Lars
5. Aunt Beru
6. SA Admiral Ackbar
7. SA Rebel Fleet Trooper
8. SA Gamorrean Guard
9. SA Ponda Baba
10. SA Dr. Evazan
11. SA Zuckuss
12. SA Hoth Leia
13. SA Bom Vimdin
14. SA Endor Rebel Soldier, and let's get it right this time.

Vehicles- I have no room whatsoever for vehicles, and I didn't buy either the BMF or AT-TE, so it's absurd for me to ask for something big that I won't buy anyway. I will, however, buy these-

Cloud Car- just throw it out there, with a repacked OTC pilot or two. I think this would be a bit more exciting than say, a homestead from a desert planet.

Ultimate Jabba w/ dais. I have the pipe from the Saga release, but the fact that we're still waiting for a truly kick-ass Jabba playset 14 years into the line is just stupid. I drag out the homestead arguement again.

Tauntaun- no 'walking' action feature. Repaint the open-belly one from that TRU set and throw in a new SA Hoth Luke, and I'll buy one.

Speederbike- one that doesn't blow up, please.
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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #9 on: May 13, 2009, 10:32 AM »
All OT stuff:

The rest of the figures that have yet to be updated from the vintage line
A more accurate Snow Scout
Updated At-St Driver (which I believe is coming with the new At-St)
Updated Imperial Tech/Scanning trooper
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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2009, 10:51 AM »
Nice topic.  I'm glad I'm not the only one who leans towards a more resculpt heavy list.  Sure, there are always more background guys to do, but if the line was really ending, I think I'd rather have the "ultimate" versions of these characters.  The majority of my list is resculpts (and very OT heavy), so I'm looking for SA, "ultimate" versions of each of these.  Also, I feel like the Clone Wars line will cover those vehicles (and, by association, prequel vehicles) pretty well.  I'd rather see resculpts, all-new versions of OT vehicles personally.  I'm also leaving things like "ultimate" Jedi Luke, Snowspeeder Luke, Zuckuss, a new AT-ST, a new Snowspeeder, etc. off the list since they are heavily rumored/comfirmed.

1. Han Solo (Bespin)
2. Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
3. Princess Leia Organa (Hoth)
4. Grand Moff Tarkin
5. Admiral Ackbar
6. Wicket and Logray 2 Pack
7. Gamorrean Guard
8. Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)
9. Nien Nunb
10. Echo Base Rebel Trooper
11. Rebel Fleet Trooper
12. Endor Rebel Soldier
13. Bom Vimdim
14. Nikto (Vintage)
15. Yakface
16. Ponda Baba/Walrusman
17. Dr. Evazan
18. Zam Wessell
19. Palpatine (Office Duel)
20. Palpatine (Senate Duel)
21. Jar Jar Binks (TPM)
22. C-3PO (AOTC)

It is tougher to narrow down the vehicles/beasties.  I'd like to get several OT ship re-dos (AT-AT, X-Wing, Y-Wing, etc.) but I'll just pick one so there is room to finally get that ultimate Jabba set-up, as well as some smaller items that could really stand re-dos as well.

1. BMF-style Slave 1 (ESB)
2. Ultimate Jabba the Hutt Pack (Jabba, Dais, etc.)
3. All-new Taun Taun(s)
4. All-new Speeder Bikes w/clear stands

Although I've always leaned more towards OT offerings, making these lists (this and the Top 10s) remind me of how well fleshed out much of the prequel movie characters have been at this point.  There are still some re-dos that we could stand to see (from TPM in particular), but I'm finding my "want" list really narrowing down at this point for those movies.
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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2009, 04:30 PM »
We'd better all hope the line stays healthy and profitable.  Because I doubt you'd get anything resembling any of these wish lists if they were actually getting ready to close shop.  You'd see some repaints and repacks in a last ditch effort to sell some toys without spending money.

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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #12 on: May 16, 2009, 07:37 PM »
Wave 1 (8 Figures A New Hope):

1.  Dr. Evazan
2.  Tonnika Sisters
3.  Romodi
4.  Lt. Lepira (Gold 4)
5.  Sim Aloo (Imperial Dignitary)
6.  Ars Dangor (Imperial Dignitary)
7.  Sate Pestage (Imperial Dignitary)
8.  Weequay Skiff Master

Wave 2 (8 Figures):

1.  Anakin Skywalker (Podracer)
2.  Tey How
3.  Cliegg Lars
4.  Darth Vader (post-Mustafar duel with capsule)
5.  Grizz Frix
6.  Bom Vimdin
7.  Rebel Fleet Trooper
8. Admiral Piett

Wave 3 (6 Figures):

1. Padmé Amidala (Naboo Meadow Picnic)
2. Padmé Amidala (Naboo Lake Retreat)
3. Padmé Amidala (Delegation Gown)
4. Padmé Amidala (Funeral Gown)
5. Padmé Amidala (Beaded Dress)
6. Padmé Amidala (Velvet Cloak)

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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #13 on: May 16, 2009, 08:28 PM »
Hmmm, how to proceed?

22 figures (3 Waves of  8, 8 & 6) and 4 vehicles

I think I make split themed waves; pairing Episode I with Episode IV, Episode II with Episode V and Episode III with Episode VI.

8 FIGURES - Episode I & IV
Queen Amidala - Theed battle gear (SA)
PK Droid
Maoi Madakor - Captain of the Radiant VII
Davish "Pops" Krail - Gold 5
Bom Vimdim
Owen Lars
Commander Praji

6 FIGURES - Episode II & Episode V
Jocasta Nu
Cliegg Lars
Han Solo - Bespin gear
Han Solo - Carbonite
Echo Base Hoth Trooper (Cal Alder)

8 FIGURES - Episode III & Episode VI
Colman Kcaj
Darth Sidious - Senate Duel
Midwife droid
Nik Sant
Giant mouse droid
Emporer Palpatine

Droid Gunship
Ebon Hawk
Sentinel class shuttle
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Re: If the line was ending, what would be your final choices?
« Reply #14 on: May 16, 2009, 09:03 PM »
It will end with a whimper, not a bang, but here's my two cents:

Snowspeeder Wedge
Snowtrooper Officer
Admiral Ackbar
Nien Nunb
Ewoks Who Jacked the Chicken Walker
Toryn Farr
Luke Hoth
Leia Hoth
Bon Vimdin
All unmade vintage figs


Senate Duel Palpatine
Padme (Senate AOTC)
Padme Handmaiden (TPM)
Padme (Return to Naboo AOTC)
Padme "Maybe the Separatists have a point" Apartment (ROTS)
Padme Peacock Dress (ROTS cut scene)
Bariss Ofee
Ratts Tyrell & Family