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FS POTF Tatooine Skiff Loose


I up for sale a nice vinty loose POTF Tatooine Skiff. Since I upgraded to a boxed version, it's time to let this one go.

This Skiff displays very nicely & would be great to add those vinty figures to recreate the a scene at the Sarlacc Pit.  ;)

This Skiff comes complete with all it's parts but a few pieces are broken. I will explain below the picture.

One of the side rails is missing a tab, most common with these. Also a plastic connecting pin has broken of one of the rudder fins. Could be repaired but will leave that up to the buyer.

The top two pictures show where a piece of the front rail has broken loose. The rest of the rail is firmly attached & shows some stress where the rest of the rails are attached.

The same goes for the rear rail, one piece has broken loose & rest of the rail is firmly attached & shows some stress where the rest of the rails are attached.

The remote-activated landing gear & the remote-activated gang plank works fine. Just a little squeaking from the landing gear control lever. Seems to be a bit stiff but works fine. The control lever for the gang plank slides smoothly & pushed all the way, the hinged plank tip will drop.

The trap door on deck springs open with ease so you can filp Boba Fett into the pit.  ;D

The leaver for the rudders works fine.

No box, inserts, decals or instructions come with this tho does have instructions & decals that came be downloaded & saved. Hopfully you can print them out & run off a set of decals if you want.

This is an awesome vehicle to have. I am asking $170.00 US plus shipping.

Also note that I am from Hoth Canada, I only charge exact shipping costs. Payment can be made via Paypal but I have to ask that you cover the Paypal fee. Other forms of payment can be discussed.  ;)

If you have any questions or need more pictures, just shoot me a PM.  :)

Thanks for looking.

Price lowered, baby needs new Kuby's shoes.  :)



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