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I was just listening to the Force Cast where they mentioned that they received a rumor from one of their insiders that there are multiple animated series in various stages of work at Lucasfilm.  In addition to Clone Wars, they mentioned a Galactic Heroes focused toon and one "aimed at older fans".  I don't know if that means Original Trilogy (would be great) or what, but just some rumors I thought I'd pass along.


--- Quote from: Brian on June  8, 2009, 11:46 AM ---they mentioned a Galactic Heroes focused toon
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Isn't Hasbro/Marvel doing a new cartoon this Fall for the SuperHeroSquad figures?  If so, doing one for SW GH figures too would make a lot of sense.  Even if it doesn't make it to air, it could still be made cheaply and then slapped onto DVDs and included as a promo/commercial with things like the Cinema Scenes and whatnot...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there is a SuperHero Squad toon on the way this fall.  There might have even been a trailer around at some point, I'm not sure.  I could see a Galactic Heroes toon coming about just because of that.  I think that line really took off more than Hasbro expected, and a toon would make sense.  Like you said Jeff, it would make a nice promo pack-in as well.

Rumors popping up once again regarding a Galactic Heroes cartoon.  Seems like a no-brainer to me, as it seems like the Super Hero Squad one is pretty popular (our daughter loves it anyways).  Sure, it will be aimed at the youngins, but I think it could be a neat idea.  Not sure about the name mentioned in this article, "Squishies" though, although that could just be a rumor as well.

No idea where to post this, and I don't feel like starting a new thread, but did anyone else catch Mark Hamill on the Boondocks last night? Uproarious!

He voiced a weed dealer with a special strain of chronic called "skywalker"...  8)


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