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Need some major help. My atst decided to fall on the floor and the front guns and right leg broke. Am I right in saying that the right leg comes with Luke? Which figure does the right leg come with as cant seem to find it anywhere! And if anyone has the parts for sale please PLEASE pm me

space monkey:
You can probably work out what parts/kubricks you need from here:

Each box has a diagram on the side showing which part is included inside and I think I still might have my empty boxes but I don't have access to them right this minute so if the Instinctoy blog page doesn't help you out I can probably tell you which character you need to source a new part.


Apologies for the small image it's the best I could find after a quick google search.

I had a feeling this would be the case but it appears you're out of luck in regards to the right leg, R-3PO is pretty hard to find at one per box. Luke on the other hand shouldn't be too hard to find on the cheap to replace the front guns.

I think Jayson has a busted part as well.  You guys should just buy a completed ATST and split the parts.  I may have a spare Luke part if you want it, but would have to wait a few weeks for me to find as I'm in the process of moving and all my stuff is in storage.

Thanks for the quick response guys. I knew it would be that. Repairing the leg as we speak and hoping that'll keep me going until I can find the parts. That would be a great help Jedijman, unless peeps want to go in on a complete atst to get the parts we need?

space monkey:

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