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Hot Glue and Sculpey Problem


Hey all
I have created a generic figure torso using sculpey.  I created this piece and then made a 2-piece mold of it using silicone caulk like you buy at walmart.  Next, I injected hot melt glue into the silicone mold, put the mold together and out came my solid, hot melt torso i needed.

Ok, great. NOW, here is the part i need help with.  I want to sculpt new details onto this hot melt casting using super sculpey.  It sculpts onto the stuff great.  The only problem is that when i put the piece into my makeshift oven (cardboard box covered on the inside with tin foil with a hair dryer fed into the side), the sculpey cures, BUT the hot melt glue melts.  The curing temp of sculpey is 275 degrees F.  Hot melt glue is only like 135 deg. F. 

So, therein lies the problem.  Can anyone think of a solution for my problem?  I've thought about using air-drying clay, but i bought some today and it sucks bad.  Well, it is the crayola brand stuff so i wasnt expecting much.  Are there any decent air drying polymer clays out there that are about like super sculpey?  I need fine details.

Please help!  Thanks!

You could give an epoxy putty/plumbers putty a try. It cures as you work with it so you have to try and move pretty quick, but it should hold detail for you. Or you could maybe sculpt the additional details onto the original and recast it. I've also heard of people who sculpt over plastic cellophane and then bake the sculpey by itself and glue on the cured piece. or I suppose you could even just sculpt it onto the torso like you were doing, cure it, with the hot glue parts in your oven, and when it melts away you could then attach the cured sculpey onto a second torso cast. 

I hope this helps steer you in the right direction.

Jesse James:
Sadly, you're further ahead dealing with a liquid resin.  I've tried the "injection molding" of hot glue.  It's kind of the poorman's injection molder like the pro's. ;D

It works surprisingly well, but hot glue's some very bad materials.


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