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Man, I got on an hour late today and Castle Greyskullman is already sold out!!!  I wonder if they had less stock than usual?

Um can we please have a Death Star now Hasbro ?

John C:
Had to order a CG, hopefully it leads to more goodies like the Talon Fighter/Point Dread, Snake Mountain, the Fright Zone and maybe some DC stuff like a Hall Of Justice or even a Ghostbusters firehouse

TNI has a few looks at upcoming MOTU Classics stuff, including some proto pics of Grayskull.  I'm sure there will be better looks this weekend at Toy Fair, but it gives some idea:

I really wanted to order one of these, and sort of wish I had, but I really need to cut back a bit and not sure I could really afford it (or at least justify it unless I gave up all other collecting).  That said, it is awesome that they are making it.

Wow. Lookit Grayskull. The 10 month wait is gonna kill me. BTW, I think Matty opens preorders again after the TF reveal, so hey, after a $300 commitment, Grayskull can be yours too.


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