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I also really think this line is one of the coolest around.  The updates to the looks of all the MAsters is just awesome!  I buy only the core characters and none of the lamoid He-Man and Skeletor variants.

I got my Moss-Man last week in the mail, one of my all time favorite figure re-made, He is awesome!

Thanks for the replies everyone, I'm really on the fence whether or not to collect these, I've heard nothing but positive things about them though.  Just not sure if the wallet can handle it or not.  Anyone have pictures of their collection they'd like to share, or which figures are their absolute favorites...and why?

I was just curious....a question for you experts out there.  I was looking over some of the pics from Toy Fair earlier this year, and I wasn't sure exactly what this figure was supposed to be?

It looks somewhat like a skeleton or something, you'll have to forgive me, I haven't seen all of the episodes of the new Masters show :).  Anyone have an idea?

***Edit:  Nevermind, after looking through the rest of the pictures, it looks like it is part of the playset that is pictured next to it.  You can view the rest of the pictures here

if you want to, there is also Roboto and Zodac preview pics here.  Although it is old news, I thought I'd post it here just in case there are other new collectors that haven't seen it.

Yeah that is a Slime Pit Bone Mutant or something like that, one of the eBay sellers that sells a lot of early SW stuff always has a prototype or two for sale

Has a great Q&A from Jeremy at Mattel from yesterday, sounds like The Horde is coming.  They have redone the case assortments to be 1:1:1:1:1:1 which means no shortpacking and goodness all around, no more He-Men up the wazoo!

Looking forward to what is in store this week for this line especially, Comic Con and Toy Fair are two of the biggest weeks of the year behind the the week from Christmas to my Birthday!

One other question about this line (sorry).  Is this a difficult line to collect overall?  As far as finding figures, or maybe there being too many releases or too expensive to keep up?  I think I will only collect the ones I like if I decide to start buying, even if I were to be a "completist", it would only be with the regular release characters, not the exclusives or "smash blade, super armor, etc" He-Mans and Skeletors.  And most likely, no vehicles or playsets either.  Have there been certain figures that have been a problem to find?  I do realize it will probably be a little more difficult for me if I decide to do this, since I am coming into the game later on.  Thanks again for all the advice and info everyone.  I hope people continue to discuss the line here, when there is anything new popping up :).


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