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Walmart Dewback w/Sandtrooper

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Sandtroopers got a killer scoop:

Looks SWEET! WM is getting a lot of exclusives this year.

Greedo The Green Menace:
Sweeet! I hope these show up in Canada, I've been passing on the POTF2 Dewback just hoping somthing like this would come along.

I already added my POTF2 one to my trade list. Sayonara!!!

Count me in for 3-4 of these!

Man, there were a lot of leaks in a 24hr period. I cannot wait to see what else is coming!

Jesse James:
We got the same image tonight as well.  I love the resculpting but I wont' retire my old one yet.  They look different but still good together I think.  This looks pretty sharp, and I'm curious how the Trooper is articulated.  No word from the individual who sent it, as to the figure's quality/details.

More at SDCC I suppose. ;)

It looks good, but not sure I'd get one.  I don't have the room in my Sandtrooper display and the POTF2 one is just fine in there.  If I see it and it's a drastic improvement, I'll make a swap though.


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