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The Clone Wars - Season Two Discussion Thread

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MTV Movies Blog has a couple of Season 2 images, one featuring Cad Bane, the other featuring another familiar bounty hunter.  Looks pretty cool to me!

Jesse James:
My favorite!  :D

Besides Tarkin (who I'd dig seeing show up in CW too, since he should be quite important in there somewhere), this is my favorite character to buy random junk of said character.  Busts and the like.  Gimme an animated figure, gladly.

He's been depicted in the past as something of a "Jedi Killer", actually.  Interesting.

In addition to Bossk, it looks like the Official Site's Blog has a look at some other bounty hunters on the way in Season 2.  These new pics are getting me psyched for next season, hopefully it isn't starting too late in the fall.

On a side note, what happened to the "Decoded" episodes?  I don't think I've seen one in at least a month, although they are still playing Clone Wars fairly regularly (and usually on Friday night).  I thought they were doing the whole first season that way, but hopefully the lack of ones lately doesn't mean Season 2 is being pushed back or anything.

Here's the Season 2 Preview that was shown on G4TV, looks pretty sweet.  I can't wait for Season 2, hopefully it won't be a late Oct/Nov start like last year.

It looks like this series is getting better and better.  Can't wait to see season 2.


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