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Is the PT Lacking "Signature" Vehicles?

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A friend of mine was mentioning this to me the other day (he is not a fan of the prequels), saying that something that he thought was missing was the "cool" or signature vehicles that we see in the OT.  In a way, I can sort of see that as well.  It may just be nostalgia or an OT preference, but I would think the majority of the "general population" would be familiar enough with the Falcon, TIE Fighters, X-Wings, Speeder Bikes, and possibly the AT-AT to recognize them by name.  There are others that are possible (Slave 1, AT-ST, Landspeeder) as well, although the names might not come to mind for those who aren't as familiar with the movies.

If you look at the PT, I don't know if you could say that.  You've got a ton of non-hardcore fans that saw those movies as well, but I wonder - outside of maybe "Jedi Starfighters" or podracers - if any of the vehicles could be recognized by name at all.  Not that there aren't some cool things (AT-TE, Juggernaught, etc.), but aside from the big podracer focus of Episode I, and possibly the Jedi starfighters in AOTC/ROTS, I wonder if much would be known to the general population - at least when compared to the Original Trilogy.

I think the recognizability of those other ships was due to the fact that most of them (Falcon, X-Wing, TIE, etc) were used in all 3 OT movies. 

I agree that the prequels could have used a major vehicle or two that crossed over the movies the way the OT ships did.  I assume that they were trying to sell more toys, since each movie has it's own version of the good guy ships (Naboo N1, Delta-2, ETA, etc) and bad guy ships (vulture droids, tri-droids, etc).

Maybe it would have been nice if Qui-Gon had some sort of personal ship that he used and then Obi-Wan would have inherited it and used it in E2/E3 to create come continuity, but that would have been against that whole "jedi can't/don't own things" angle.  They had Padme's Ep1 ship that could have been use again, but that changed right away to something else for E2 (something smaller that would have made a cheaper toy  :P).

Jesse James:
QGJ having a ship is a good idea...  It's something that seems to work well for the Clone Wars series, with the freighter they're using.  Still no toy of that which I find shocking, but it's a pretty important little craft that's now gotta be crammed into other EU somehow since it only appears in the series.

I think some of the most recognizable ships in the PT to the "common folk" include the Acclamator or Venator class "Star Destroyer" cruisers mainly because of there similarity to the OT Star Destroyers.

Jesse James:
I think it would've helped GREATLY had we seen a pre-TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter.  I mean, honestly when you think about it the fighters we saw really didn't latch onto anything OT...  The ARC-170 supposedly had that resemblance to an X-Wing, but speaking from an evolutionary standpoint, the two ships really don't seem to have much in common but physical shape...  So do most airplanes on Earth, but that doesn't show "evolution" to me, and so there's no link.

A pre-Empire TIE Fighter, maybe with squatter wings, bent, etc., would've gone a long way I believe. 

Really though, had they had that beat-up ship like the Twilight we're seeing in CW3D, that I think is the only way to lock that iconic ship status up.  The Jedi's fighters could've filled the X-Wing slot I think, but they kept changing them.  They needed to give us one, and only modify it SLIGHTLY for ROTS.  They instead went with radical changes that ultimately just give you more ships, and more toys to buy.  Coincidence?  Eh, maybe, I dunno.


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