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I was at Toys R Us a few days ago, looking for toys and picked one of these up on a whim (a Subaru Impreza).

I have to say, these things are wonderfully addicting, and for what they are, they work incredibly well! Everything is small enough to fit in your pocket, but these little things actually pack quite a punch. They even have intechangeable motors, gears, tires and bodies, for whatever suits your racing needs. Wonderfully complex little gadgets, and they only run about $20.00 for the remote and a complete car! :)

Even cooler, the company that makes them also has the liscence for a couple of my favorite racing games: Auto Modellista for PS2 and Mario Kart! :) For Auto Modellista, they have kits with a remote, 1 chassis and 4 bodies with A.M. artwork. The Mario Kart sets are incredibly cool, including a remote, either Mario or Yoshi on their go cart, and little items from the game, like turtle shells, banana peels and mushrooms.

I'd definately recomend them to anyone, adults and kids alike. They are small enough to keep anywhere, charge very quickly (45 seconds), each charge lasts quite a while (depending on which type of motor you use), anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Something fun to just get out on a whim, play with to pass the time, and put away again.

About once a week I get an email about buying these things (spam), and they just looked like crap to me.  I never thought anyone would have fun with them.  I might just have to check them out, but I highly doubt I would consider buying one of these.

I thought the I-Racers looked cooler...They weren't all interchangeable, but were smaller and you could have up to 5 going at one time (as opposed to the two with microsizers)

I've never seen the mario kart ones. I got a little micro racer (I'm assuming it's the same thing) awhile back though. It's a fun little thing...but I haven't played with it in a long while.

I was thinking it would be fun to take one on an airplane, and run it down the aisles...but these days I bet that gets you in big trouble.


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