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How does Padme REALLY die?

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Jabba the Slug:
A pretty good question here - how exactly does the Senator of Naboo die? In ROTS Anakin force chokes her ... we know that - but it didn't kill her! The droids that assist her (in that somewhat fake childbirth scene, I'm sorry, but we all know our moms probably went through more than that  :() tell Obi-Wan that she lost the will to live. She most likely didn't die 100% because of that, you're body can't just shut down like that because one day you don't feel like living. I heard that some novels mentioned that Anakin broke a bone in her neck, not her actual neck. So what's the reason behind this honorable senator's death? Anyone think they can elaborate on this?   

****** writing is my answer.

The truth is that she's not really dead.  The Emperor foresaw all of this happening, which is how he had the Vader suit ready and waiting in time to save Anakin.  Likewise, he had one of his agents tamper with those droids, such that they put her into a catatonic state near death.  He then tucked her away in deep storage in case he ever needed her as leverage against Vader. 

Now wouldn't someone coming across a cryogenic frozen Padme in the future be an interesting turn of events?   :D

Ya, he put her right next to Walt Disney.

Ok. Lets say that Padme isn't dead and she did come back and meet Anakin. How much would that totally mess up Anakin?


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