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Ryan's Trade List (I have lots of clones to trade)
« on: September 17, 2009, 03:51 AM »
I'm looking to get rid of my clone army and want to pick up some more Imperials or Rebels instead. Let me know if I have anything you are interested in and we can try to work out a deal. :)


Loose Clones and Clone Vehicles

  37 SA ROTS #41 White Clones
  12 TSC SA Utapau Grunts 1 PENDING
  9 ROTS #6 Quick Draw Clones (Red Shocktrooper variant)
  9 ROTS #33 Clone Commanders (red Variant) (1 has been slightly customized)
  9 30AC Galactic Marines
  7 ROTS Clone Pilots (Black Variant)
  6 SA Shocktoopers (From Skirmish at the Senate BP) 2 PENDING
  5 ROTS 501st Clones (AT-TE Gunner Sculpt)
  5 ROTS #6 QD
  5 Clones fom Attack on Coruscant BP (4 Grey Clones and 1 Blue Commander)
  5 ROTS AT-RT Drivers
  4 Mace Windu's Clone Battalion (3 Troopers and 1 Ariborne Trooper)
  4 Feulica Clones (From the 30AC Felucia BP)
  4 Felucia Clones (Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper Evolutions)
  3 TSC SA 501st/Commander Appo
  3 TSC Blue striped Fleet Security Clones
  3 501st Clones from JTA BP (Quick-Draw Sculpt)
  3 30AC Utapau Airborne Clones
  2 Utapau Shadow Troopers
  2 TSC Green Clones (they look like the Utapua troopers only green)
  2 TSC Clone Engineers
  2 ROTS Deluxe Jetpack Clones
  2 ROTS Clone Pilots (Grey/White)
  2 ROTS #33 Clone Commanders (Green variant)
  2 Hunt For Grievous BP Blue ARCs
  2 Grey Clone Commanders (From Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper Evolutions #2)
  2 Firespeeder Pilots
  2 Evolutions ROTS Clone Pilots (from Imperial Pilots Evolution Set #1)
  2 30AC BARC Troopers
  1 Yellow Striped Barc (from the Order 66 Pack, the one that comes with the little alien Jedi)
  1 Target Exclusive Neyo Clone Trooper Grunt
  1 Salucami BP (Neyo and Trooper with BARC Speeders)
  1 ROTS Commander Bly
  1 ROTS Commander Baccara
  1 ROTS #59 SA Gree MOMC
  1 MOMC Commader Keller/Marine Comic Pack
  1 Hunt for Grievous BP Clone Chaingunner
  1 CW2003 ARC Trooper
  1 Custom SA Commander Cody (his legs were fixed so hisstance isn't as wide, he is SA, and appears taller. Paintjob is improved too)
  1 custom SA Commander Baccara
  1 Custom ROTS Quick Draw Gree
  1 Custom Commander Bly (Clone Commander #33 Repaint)
  1 AT-TE Tank Gunner
  1 AT-RT
  1 ARC-170 w/ 3 White ROTS Clone Pilots
  1 Animated AOTC Clone from AT-TE
  1 501st Commando/Commander from a Order 66 pack
  1 30AC Gree
  1 30AC Brown Spot Clone


Sideshow 12" Figures

  BTVS Spike (Human Face, Black Coat, Red Shirt) ***
  BTVS Drusilla
  BTVS Darla

Hasbro 3 3/4" Indiana Jones Basic and Deluxe Figures

  TLC: Elsa
  TOD: Indiana Jones w/ Machette
  TOD: Short Round
  TOD: Mola Ram
  TOD: Willie Scott
  TOD: Temple Guard x 1
  Deluxe Cario Thugs Two-Pack


Army Builders - Loose is Fine!

  Evolutions TIE Pilots
  Evolutions Imperial Commandos
  TLC Wave 5 Spacetroopers
  TLC Captain Needa (Multiples)
  TLC Imperial Engineers (DSG Repaint)
  30AC Death Star Troopers
  30AC Imperial Evo Troopers (TFU)
  30AC Imperial Jump Troopers (TFU)
  VTSC/UBP/SL Snowtroopers
  TSC/Saga Legends Sandtroopers, clean or dirty
  TSC Death Star Gunners
  Legends Shadow Stormtroopers
  VTSC Biker Scouts
  Hoth Biker Scouts

  TLC Hoth Rebel Troopers
  TLC Rebel Technicians from the Yavin BP
  30AC Rebel Honor Guards
  Any Rebel Pilots using the most current sculpts

  VTSC Tusken Raiders

Thanks for looking! :)
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