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Some very grainy photos of what's to come...borrowed from some otheR Site.

Looks like we're getting some old sets again, but in different packaging. ::)

Jesse James:
I love their army building sets...  Very quality little pieces.

And while I've not bought a Lego in a while, I admit I'll likely cave on that TIE Defender...  Outstanding that they're producing it.

Very nice items...  I should've nabbed some of the Fleet Trooper sets when I had the chance.  I'd like a RFT just to chill on my desk.

Just an FYI. I didn't look at the price (sorry), I imagine it was 30% off, but I noticed that Target has some of the Indy sets on clearance now.

That Hoth Snowtrooper pack looks awesome.  I'll have to pick up a few of those.  I hope these hit retail in December like previous 2010 sometimes do.


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