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I just got the new ROJ figures and I love the sculpts on the Jabba's guards...however, their helmets keeep coming off.  I'd like to glue them on, would Testor's type model glue be okay?  Or something else that I can find in a shop like Michaels?

Jesse James:
It would hold them enough.  Honestly so would a dab of "hot glue" and probably be less damaging to the figure itself should you decide to remove it someday.  I'd try the latter route first, myself.  Just to spare the figure.  Model glue will work for that though.  You just want a dab to hold it on, and (I'm assuming) they won't be played with. :)

I'd go with the Hot Glue if you have a gun handy though.  It wont' be 100% secure but it won't damage the figure at all.

On that note what would be a strong glue?

or better yet fast and strong?

Jesse James:
For what do you mean Patreek?  For rigid styrenes you really should go with plastic welders designed for them.  They set quickly, and fuse that type of plastic together.  They don't work on PVC type plastics which is what make up 90% of most figures these days.

For that I'm a Devcon Plastic Welder (2-part epoxy type, easily found at hardware stores, WM, Lowes, etc.) which is thicker and a little difficult to work with but works on PVC's pretty well.  I'm exploring some PVC welding options too in the future, but for now Devcon's pretty good but the excess dries out fast I've found.  Keep it in a baggie sealed, and don't let it get too cold and whatnot.


^ Highly recommended. 

You can find it at most dollar stores.


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