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MOAWP S1/E5: "The Mandalorian Connection"
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Skylane over Legislative Borough-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A shiny airspeeder recklessly speeds through the air traffic, the vehicle is piloted by a drunken Dilbun Vont as accompanied by his new partner in crime the Turncoat padawan; Cittro.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) tha pad was very interested in anything contrary to the jedi code in those days. and i myself was not used to dames that had an interest in my ol' bits and pieces. personally always hadda taste for the exotic strums of my choosin, plus i ain't kriffed in da hed enough to mess with kids, we used to tear scum like that to pieces in desolation alley....

Cittro: (excited) why don't we mow down some pedestrians?

Dilbun Vont: jus got dis speeder kid!, you picked the damn thing out why you want me to smash it up already?

Cittro: don't you have free reign now that your friends seized power?

Dilbun Vont: you make a guud point kid, but i don't think ol' augie'd be happy bout me celebrating dat way...don't know how he's gonna take you and me teaming up.

Cittro: how could a politician like palpatine know i was a jedi?

Dilbun Vont: (taking a swig) ol' augie's a bit more complicated dan that sweat just wait and see.

The speeder violently comes to a halt beside the busted out window of the once Chancellors Office. Disturbed the Emperor turns round and glares at the speeder parked outside his office window. Vont and Cittro enter the office.

Emperor Palpatine: (angered) have we already forgotten our place Dilbun?

Dilbun Vont: (belching) not at all Yur majesty. just wanted to sneak in an, congratulate ya. temple raid was beautiful, those kriff heads didn't see it coming...

Emperor Palpatine: i'm glad you made it out of the temple unharmed. as i hear it you've met my new apprentice...Darth Vader.

The ominous suited form of Darth Vader walks awkwardly, his breathing echoes down the hallway as he enters the room. Cittro backs behind Dilbun at his entrance.

Darth Vader: there is a jedi in your presence my lord! why is that child not dead Vont!

Dilbun Vont: the hero wit no fear?

Darth Vader: (holding vont in a choke hold) that name no longer holds any meaning to me!

Emperor Palpatine: Vont is beyond your reach my apprentice. put him down or you  will face my wrath!

Darth Vader: (releasing vont) what of the Padawan!

Emperor Palpatine: yes, what of the Padawan. care to explain Dilbun?

Dilbun Vont: first ovv, kriff you Vader!. secondly the kid ain't a jedi no longer she's my partna. gonna train her up to be like me.

Emperor Palpatine: come to me child, is this the truth of the matter? personally i would never suspect Dilbun of pursuing another line of depravity, but i do not know the lengths at which jedi interrogation goes.

Cittro: (brandishing the gungan vibro-axe) i personally slaughtered my fellow padawans with this! i renounce the ways of the jedi and will never use the force again so long as i live!

Emperor Palpatine: (admiring the axe) so the jedi found it? I believe we have reached a turning point in our relationship Dilbun. sadly i no longer require a berserker in the shadows, as you can see Lord Vader is my public servant in the matters that once concerned you.

Dilbun Vont: yur tellin me all the stuff i handled is now gonna be public knowledge?  what bout reprises! all the tricks we set...

Emperor Palpatine: (returning the axe to Cittro) keep this weapon child, consider it your form of...identification. so long as you remain with Vont you are protected from the likes of Vader and Order 66. Now that your free of the dogmatic jedi would you like to embrace the true power of the force?

Cittro: i hate the force and i refuse to use it! ever again.

Emperor Palpatine: interesting, a self hating Force Sensitive. well its a pity you refuse to embrace your powers, but perhaps its for the best.

Darth Vader: yes, the failures of Bandomeer are already enough to maintain my lord.

Dilbun Vont: so where the kriff do i fit in yur new empire?

Emperor Palpatine: commanding officer of the black ops will remain your duty for the time being. a garrison on Gall is currently under construction, upon completion you will be installed as it's Commander.

Dilbun Vont: so dis really is da ol heave hoe?

Emperor Palpatine: i'm afraid so my friend. although you've been of use against jedi in the past, the continued extermination of that order is well under control. the details of your new post will be revealed to you in good time, until then. train your pupil and await my orders.

Vont and Cittro quickly exit the office the same way they entered, the air speeder does a barrel roll and speeds off into the distance. Vader turns his attention to a blissful emperor.

Emperor Palpatine: as you see my young apprentice, your place in my pack has been filled by many before; you have a lot to live up to.

Darth Vader: why do you place one such as this Vont out of my reach! And why do you allow him companionship when you could not foresee Padme’s demise!  Why is he allowed a partner when I’m not even given the freedom of my human form within this living tomb!

Emperor Palpatine: you could never have achieved your full potential in the guise of the emotional hero with no fear whom the jedi order somehow tolerated!  Oh yes I do hope that Dilbun and that young harlot spawn a whole gaggle of potential replacements.

Darth Vader:  you sabotage me!

The sith lord sits up from his desk and confronts his newly minted apprentice.

Emperor Palpatine: since my disfigurement and the events of our take over my patience is at an end. The Breaking of a kath hound usually demands a short period of kind treatment  which adds a layer of assumption on the hound. Thus making the period of  said severe adjustment; all the more traumatizing. 

Darth Vader: I’m no kath hound, my powers even in this technological terror are no match for you!

The sith lord releases his hold over the remains of Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader: ahhh!

Emperor Palpatine: your body armor has many devices within it lord Vader, aside from sustaining your life, which I’ll remind you only once here and now is mine. It contains a series of sith venom dispensers within it; You are the first sith lord whom is fully controlled by his master, your the most pathetic visage of power this galaxy as ever seen. All will fear you my apprentice, but you will know that they fear a shattered puppet.

Darth Vader: I will destroy the dispensers! I am not without my skills! Ahh!…

Emperor Palpatine: have you not been listening? You are now mine! Yes the chosen one of fabled jedi prophesy is once again a slave to a master!

Darth Vader: what is thy bidding my master?

Emperor Palpatine: good. In three days time you will lead an mission of annihilation on the planet of Caamas. A Jedi led revolution is set to stem from that planet, I have foreseen it. Tarkin will lead the planetary bombardment, you will command the black opps and the bothan spies in sabotaging the shield generator.  A Jedi of past relation to Skywalker will be amongst the revolutionaries. I expect your feelings on the matter to be of no question Lord Vader. 

Darth Vader: yes my master.

Dilbun: (narration) oh yes, dat stinkin Vader goon was a constant punchin bag for ol’ Augie when it all got started.  But it was dis in da open poodoo that ol’ augie pulled that really got the ball rollin…

Unknown Location-Outer Rim Territorries-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A gathering of Gangsters, Mafioso’s and pure scum stand within a room without windows bickering,
The gathering is hosted by Mas Amedda & Lama Su but attended by Jabba The Hutt, Bib Fortuna, Prince Xizor, Sise Fromm, Big Galgu, and guarded by Rokur Gepta whom silently stands at the center of the meeting.

Sise Fromm: why is Jabba allowed to have his majordomo present? While my dear Tiggy has to wait outside with Vlix?

Bib Fortuna: Die Wanna Wanga, as the 'High Beeser of….

Big Galgu: I’ve heard enough bickering, may we come to the purpose of this gathering Repub..excuse my mistake; Imperial Tergiversators!

Mas Amedda: (clearly outraged)  first of all I’d like to thank all of you for attending this gathering on such short notice. And I’d like to yet again stress the point that we are completely safe to plan anything we see fit to remedy the impending situation I’m about to reveal; with our Friend & Allie Rokur Gepta’s assistance we are free of all force-sensitive intervention within this room.

The Tund Sorcerer continues to stand silently at the center of the room. Attention is returned to Amedda.

Prince Xizor:  unlike yourself. many of us have financial matters to keep in check across the stars, so could you cast off your bureaucratic pompousness for once in your life?

Jabba the Hutt: Keepuna!

Mas Amedda: very well; some hours ago my spy droids in the Emperors old senate office caught wind of a
xenocentric plot to eradicate all life on the planet Caamas. Just because our Sith Lord emperor foresaw a possible Jedi Revolution springing from that system. Now I know at first glance my words are meaningless to all of you? Yes. But take into account the fact that all your past relations with our emperor are in fact meaningless to him as well. We slaved to install him at the top. And now we find out he’s a Xenophobe?

Big Galgu: so you’re saying that Palpatine won’t stop at Caamas, that all non human species face discrimination and worse yet extinction? 

Lama Su: the COMPNOR institution is all one needs look at to see the tides Palpatines Empire will ride.

Sise Fromm: ok I see the point were all not human, they are. The empire’s gonna be human centric, great. We can triple our profits in protection in the mid rim alone.

Prince Xizor: how can you protect others when you  find yourself out in the void? With this Empire running the way it does Palpatine will not require our secretive  and expensive partnership.

Bib Fortuna: so all we may need do is make ourselves a bit more useful to the Emperor, there are plenty of ways to curry favor in the outer rim. For instance if we where to cut back our influence on the core and concentrate on the fringes. We could afford this empire a false sense of security.

Big Galgu: interesting idea, make em think their troopers got a handle on the galaxy, when in fact were just biding our time in the fringes.

Mas Amedda: I am proud of the way you can all find comfort in a parasitic lifestyle my comrades; but we still have the issue at hand. Unless we deal with this emperor now inside of twenty years maybe less, the galaxy won’t be safe enough to carry on the way we have. I have heard rumblings of a grand equalizer on the books, of what form it will take I cannot say. But we must make our move now.

Sise Fromm: ok, so you got all the details on this Caamasi hit right?

Lama Su: troop deployments from Kamino suggest a planetary bombardment from orbit. 

Mas Amedda: Before I admit the next pieces of this coup into the room sadly I must say we cannot forestall the doom of Caamas, that is not our aim. We can however work around this event.

Rokur Gepta: Enter.

A young Mandalorian Warrior enters the room revealing it to be an artificial mist as accompanied by a Clawdite Changeling.

Big Galgu: the plot thickens.

Jabba the Hutt: Bo Shuda, fett my Bukee.

Sise Fromm: I’m not paying this kids fees, no way.

Mas Amedda: The boys fees are waved for this one time.

Lama Su: isn’t that right Boba? I believe you have a personal reason to delay the Bombardment?

Boba Fett: yes and lets leave it at that.

Prince Xizor: capital; now tell us what of the changelings involvement?

Mas Amedda: all in good time.

Gnarlytown-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

The glaring light of life on the upscale shines across a sparse underpass wherein sits a vagrant Besalisk attempting to pass out.  His slumber is denied as four silhouettes march towards him. Before the vagrant can attempt to defend himself; a young girl violently begins raining blows down upon him. The three others slowly approach the troubled youth.

Gauer: never seen such vigor for this in a recruit before?

Dilbun Vont: (holding Gungan Vibro-axe) yur telling me; she really needs to get her beating skills down. Way too eager to kill.

J’mee Fett: why don’t you just flash train her commander? It would really be more..

Gauer:  they don’t make a flash training program on how to be a mercenary aight? Takes a certain balance to maintain it. Not so much murderer, and not so much butcher. it’s a fine line we walk clone.

J’mee Fett: there are benefits of flash training at which she will never receive in this manner Commander. ARC training includes the specific bio-signature of all beings at five minutes till certain death. If ms. Cittro is selected for such extreme interrogation; she will not garner evidence but instead a body count.

Dilbun Vont: point taken Clone. Cit! enough on the stomach he’s gonna rupture, ya gotta be random or day might  get used to the pain and attack.

Cittro: (blinded by rage) awww!

As the scene becomes that of a murder, Vont finds himself rushing to save the indigents life rather than running to join in the fray. Vont takes hold of Cittro by the shoulders and pulls her kicking and screaming form away from none other than Dexter Jettster.

Dexter Jettster: (coughing) oh Dilbun…its you. Thought you might’ve perished like everyone else in this upside down galaxy….

Cittro: (attempting to get free) he’s a jedi sympathizer!

Dilbun Vont: Dex…..

Gauer: what’s the holdup vont let her ice this deadbeat.

J’mee Fett: statistically speaking commander, a dead body can’t serve as a witness.

Experiencing a sudden urge of friendship towards Dex, Vont finds himself unable to deal with the current situation.

Dilbun Vont: (pulling cittro back down the underpass) Black Opps move out. He lives that’s final.

Skylane -Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) it wouldn’t become clear to me til years later that those kriffin Lekku Loper investigators had been workin their calming techniques on me to some degree of success.

Cittro: (smashing her fists on the dashboard) I coulda killed him!

Gauer:  I’m not getting this either Vont.

Dilbun Vont: (driving) who paid us to snuff out that old tramp? Nobody. She wuz just wasting her rage on a ol’ cloud of gas that’ll scumb to his death outta ol age before anybody ever gets there change together to have somebody kill him. There was no profit in that scene back there.

Cittro: all these rules!

Gauer: good point. Were mercs kid, not random vandals or hooligans.

Cittro: so how in the five fire rings of Fornax em I supposed to ever equal the likes of you guys?

Dilbun Vont: (turning to stare; while driving) git a job….

Dilbun Vont: (narration) The ensuing glee in which cittro carried out five hit jobs on that night, drove home the fact that I myself had lost some of my edge in that Jedi cling, or maybe slaughtering eighteen twi’leks just takes something outta ya.

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

A serpentine Jedi holds a discussion with the Holograms of Ranik Solusar, Merr-Que Diuan, Ashoka Tano &Voolvif Monn.

Ranik Solusar: (via hologram) Master Del Gormo you must convince the residents of the conclave to either abandon that planet or prepare for the coming struggle all Jedi face. 

N’Kata Del Gormo: I can see my former pupils aggressiveness still plaques the order, the residents of this conclave as well as myself abstained from the Clone Wars as we will avoid the bloodshed of a rampage against this Sith Empire.

Ashoka Tano: (via hologram) but master the galaxy will be….

N’Kata Del Gormo: will go as it has for the past eons young one, believe me the light and the dark are but just passing eddies amongst the stars.  The sith no matter how strong they’ve become would never risk a galactic revolt against themselves once in power.  You remaining Jedi must cast off your negative energies and take solace in the light of the force; once within it you will find serenity. 

Ranik Solusar: (via hologram) I had assumed you the legendary Master Gormo, would take the place of
His pupil Master Yoda no questions asked. The order needs a new council, will you at least admit that much?

N’Kata Del Gormo: you know very little of my true nature nor do you understand my thoughts regarding the status of the Recent Jedi Order. Therefore I invite all four of you to my conclave, perhaps once within its walls I can explain the way of things best to the lot of you.

Imperial Star Destroyer Armada-en route to Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont and the black opps attempt to enter the bridge of Wilhuff Tarkin’s Star Destroyer as a group but are stopped by Clone Troopers.

Trooper: only commander vont is allowed on the bridge.

Dilbun Vont: keep an Eye on da kid Gauer. Too many trigger happy clones on this tub.

Cittro: I can handle clones!

Gauer: not at point blank range, trust me.

Vont approaches a group of Imperials being issued orders by the hologram of Emperor Palpatine; the hologram is surrounded by Sate Pestage and Armand Isard. 

Emperor Palpatine: in order to keep the holonet feeds from triple zero clear in this affair; my orders will be issued by my proxies: Sate Pestage and Armand Isard. That will be all.

The hologram vanishes. Without pause the holograms of the three other fleet commanders come to life on the bridge beside the Emperor’s proxies.

Armand Isard: Commanders Grammel, Zsinj, Harkov, are ordered to command their destroyers to begin the bombardment at the location of the Planetary shield generator. The installation must be razed before the full attack can begin.

Zsinj: and what of the generator? Who is being trusted with its destruction.

Armand Isard: Lord Vader has been given the honor of personally depositing the Black Opps at the location of the generator. Once there the team will be assisted by our Bothan allies.

Dilbun Vont: nobody sed a ding bout any kriffin bothans!

Tarkin: may I introduce Dilbun Vont; commander of the recently declassified Black Opps.

Zsinj: introductions aside, I share Commander Vont’s misgivings over this Bothan contingent. This mission is in of itself nothing but a grand testament to the ideals of the New Order. Therefore any alien assistance must be a trap…

Tractha: Commander Zsinj; the bothans are not on any mercy mission. This entire covert action was in fact designed by our Emperor and the Bothan heads of state.

Grammel: so we trust them enough to assist us in spear heading a covert operation; but not enough to attend this strategy meeting? let alone set foot aboard our vessels.

Sate Pestage: I assure you, I can speak for our Emperor. The bothans assistance in this case is substantial enough that we need not expect any bothan reprisal. In other words they stand to loose as many political allies as we should this mission  become public knowledge.

Dilbun Vont:  so in otha words da fur bags are the fall guyz should this mess ever hit the holonet.

Armand Isard: not exactly what I’d call a good description. But yes; I’ve prepared a document of damning proportions in regards to the bothan’s complicity in this operation. Should any of our hands be exposed in this, it might just surface.

Tarkin: well commanders I believe you know how to use your code cylinders, the rest is your hands. Cease transmission till the planetary bombardment is complete.

Harkov: Yes, Sir.

The holographic representations of the three imperial officers disappear. Tarkin,Pestage and Isard turn their attention towards Vont.

Armand Isard: not exactly one of Carida’s finest are we vont? Fact: the new order is skirted by xenophobic beliefs. Fact: the emperor aims through COMPNOR to make all none humans the minority of the galaxy.
Despite these goals; we still have to work alongside non-human vermin until we reach the majority. You will not pass a single word of ill will towards our Bothan comrades, is that understood?

Dilbun Vont: when the hell did I git diplomat status! 

Tarkin: We will not argue any of this Vont, this mission is already underway. Prepare your landing party we leave hyperspace within the hour.

Dilbun Vont: I can’t even get ahold of the kriffin emperor regardin dis?

Sate Pestage: your position is tenuous Vont; I wouldn’t press my luck any further than you already have.  The emperor has had many pawns such as yourself, you I’m afraid are the last of a dying. Excuse me:
 extinct breed.  The new order does not require brutes….

Suddenly the door to the bridge opens to reveal the dead bodies of the clone trooper guards whom Darth Vader steps over as followed by the black opps.

Darth Vader: spare us your prattle!

Dilbun Vont: saved by the sith…..

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Voolvif Monn: I personally speak for a great sum of Knights at this meeting; we have the power of the force with us Master Gormo, the Sith are but two. We many. They cannot survive the type of mission my fellow knights have outlined.

N’Kata Del Gormo: more violence, is that all you young Jedi can think of? The lot of you would send younglings against this raging storm upon the galaxy. The path of the Jedi is clear to a centered mind.

Ashoka Tano: if my master where here he’d…

A blast rocks the conclave and is shortly followed by a deafening klaxon scream. The young Jedi assembled ignite their light sabers and make for the balcony.  The anti- air craft  turret farm surrounding the conclave begins to take heavy damage as a series of fast moving seismic anomalies approach.

Ranik Solusar: well I’ll be; anybody see what I see?

Merr-Que Diuan: some sort of interference, other than that I don’t follow master solusar.

Ashoka Tano: I follow.

Voolvif Monn: those savages! Their barely even….

N’Kata Del Gormo:  I’ll not have bloodshed on these grounds, nor will the caamasi  allow any conflict.

Merr-Que Diuan: to sit idly by and allow your own demise is insanity master, we fight in knowledge or defense. Perhaps your own ideals regarding our order have eroded its actual purpose.

The four young Jedi depart the temple walls and hit the ground running towards the mysterious seismic activities. Tano and Monn charge blindly towards the rampaging impact craters as several more of the turrets are exploded. 

Ranik propels the debris towards the oncoming seismic abstraction; to reveal a feline like metallic walker bounding towards the conclave. The lurmen master springs into the air and latches onto the rampaging mech. Once atop the vehicle Merr-Que uses the force to lock the front legs in place thus causing it to flip over on the next movement as the Jedi is launched.

The mech explodes, as six more continue their cloaked rampage towards the conclave.   Solusar and Tano attempt to charge one of the oncoming cloaked mechs but are caught in a sudden cross fire, barely catching a round of blaster fire the Jedi deflect the bolts at random. The two quickly take notice of a platoon of cloaking shield equipped troops making their way towards them.

Ranik Solusar: Bothan cowards!

The Jedi use the force to short out the bothan saboteurs cloaking shields reveling their number. Several bothans are caught off guard and catch their own blaster bolts to the face.   The bothans close a circle around the four Jedi as a lone vessel attracts the attention of the remains of the anti-aircraft turret farm.

A craft resembling the sith infiltrator takes several hits and crash lands into the turret farm battle. From out
Of the dust storms a squad of clone troopers whom immediately open fire on the Jedi.

behind the clone contingent runs Darth Vader and the Black Opps; sensing the overbearing strength of the Sith Lord the Jedi knights begin a hastened retreat back to the conclave.

As they come within range of a force assisted leap; Lord Vader suddenly hurls himself saber first towards them. A fierce light saber battle ensues.

Darth Vader: (engaging four Jedi)  the Jedi are mine! The rest of you know your missions!

Merr-Que Diuan: You will not defile this paradise!

The lurmen master attempts to engage the dark lord in a acrobatic display of Ataru only to find himself impaled on the crimson blade. The black opps make their way into the conclave as followed by the bothan saboteurs. While the cloaked walkers continue to pick off the anti-aircraft turrets.

Imperial Palace-Coruscant-19 years before the battle of Yavin IV

The overly confident sith lord strides through his newly constructed palace halls as followed by his ominous red cloaked guards. Upon entering the throne room; both doors close locking the emperor in with his guards. Without a seconds delay the guards close in on their charge with stun pikes set at maximum lethality they make their attempt. Darth Sidious is faced with Clawdite changelings posing as his red guards.

The strikes are too close for comfort, at nearly every attempt to slaughter the clawdite assassins The Sith Lord is thwarted. At unnatural speeds for a non-force sensitive the assassins escape certain light saber impalement.  Sensing the advantage; the sith lord exerts his own force powered will over the entire building.

 Palpatine calls into action his recently acquired death commandos. without the aid of their secret force enhanced escort, the clawdites are quickly subdued by the agile Noghri assassins.

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont,Cittro,Gauer and J’mee Fett race up a stairway as followed by clone troopers and Bothan Saboteurs on their way to the massive planetary shield generator atop the conclave.

Dilbun Vont: havin trouble keeping up fur balls?

Bothan Saboteur:  we’d be to the top already if you didn’t keep your vat grown canon fodder between us!

Dilbun Vont: rather have yur stench downwind ovv me….

Before the bothan can retort a concussion missile rocks the stairwell, sending the clone platoon screaming to their death. The bothan squad activates their cloaking shields and riffle past the black ops.

Gauer: oh in the name of ffib! If your gonna march over us could you fur balls cloak the stench too?

Cittro: seriously.

Dilbun Vont: black opps, all in fit form? Fett? Sound ovv!

Dilbun slowly realizes J’mee’s flash training mask was lost in the blast, without a seconds notice the clone abomination reveals her true nature.

J’mee Fett: aww! I’ll kill you all!

Dilbun Vont: (taking fist to the head) fett its vont rememba! Commander ! somebody find da kriffin mask before I blast this wench!

Cittro: its gone vont!

Gauer: (leveling blaster)  tarkin’s gonna be pissed.

Before the master marksman can fire off a stun pulse at the deranged clone, he is a ensnared by a thin fibercord whip. Which causes him to loose balance and fall down the stairs.

Cittro goes to catch Gauer as she notices the appearance a rocket pack equipped mandalorian descending upon the blasted out stairwell from a hovering attack ship. Without a seconds hesitation the turncoat padawan draws and ignites her light saber. 

the two quickly discard their blasters and The mando engages cittro with arm mounted energy shields while still using bursts of his rocket pack to match the acrobatic skills of the turncoat padawan.

Boba Fett: (kickboxing)  this can end in tears of joy or tears of pain chica.

Cittro: (wildly smashing saber against energy shielded forearm)  that an invitation bucket head!

Boba Fett: (knockout move) sure thing if you got a face after this!

Fett smashes his helmet into cittro’s face knocking her out cold and kicks her in the stomach as he turns round while firing off a burst of his rocket pack to pounce on the brawling pair up the stairs.

Dilbun Vont: (sudden rage) wud’d you do to the kid!

Boba Fett: (flying headfirst into the brawl) nothing that she’ll remember.

The mandalorian separates the brawling pair quickly and then proceeds to set flame to the prototype of the long ago botched clone queen program to which disgusts young boba enough to accept a mission free of charge.

Vont is caught in a moment of terror seeing his comrade engulfed in flame and out of her mind; vont sets about finding a fire retardant in his belt when the mandalorian fires off his wrist rocket exploding the clone abomination. 

Fett goes to left off towards Slave 1; but is pummeled by a berserker rage filled Dilbun Vont.

Dilbun Vont: (raining blows down upon boba) you kriffin filthily animal! She was unarmed!

Boba Fett: (exchanging blows) that wench was a insult to my fathers legacy!

Dilbun Vont: (kicking fett in the jaw and knocking his helmet off) a kriffin clone!

Boba strikes Vont across his plastoid armored chest with a beskad while charging the older man. The bothan strike force succeeds in bringing down the shields as Vont is forced into battle with Boba Fett.

However trained the teenaged mando maybe, he is locked in a brutal fist to cuffs fight amidst the planetary bombardment.

Cittro is left with no choice but to use the force to pull Vont within the conclave.

Dilbun Vont: hey guud ding dat kriffin force was…

Cittro: shut up, we gotta get outta here!

As the shield generator begins to collapses around them, Fett rockets away to slave 1 and blasts into hyperspace.

Imperial Palace-Coruscant-19 years before the battle of Yavin IV

As the last changeling body hits the palace floor, Darth Sidious summons his would be murderer.

Emperor Palpatine: Reveal yourself!

Without a moments hesitation a thick vapor obscures the space between Sidious and the Death commandos, the vapor clears to reveal Rokur Gepta; the last known Sorcerer of Tund. Sidious stands with his hands crackling dark force lightening as Gepta assumes a battle stance aided by flaming fists. 

Rokur Gepta: neither of us will survive this battle sith lord….

Emperor Palpatine: a tund sorcerer, you’d be a valuable asset.

Rokur Gepta: you mistake my statement; there will be no survivor between us.  We are equally matched, a truce is required.

Emperor Palpatine: what do you want sorcerer?

Rokur Gepta: control over the Centrality. Yourself?

Emperor Palpatine: very petty of you;  I ask only for knowledge of the Tund practices…

Rokur Gepta: very well.

Emperor Palpatine: now who arranged this blitzkrieg?

Rokur Gepta: I believe you stated that you required only a brief understanding of Tund Practices. Unless I can assume you are reneging on our pact?

Emperor Palpatine: well played sorcerer.

The men agree with a force energy charged handshake as the Noghri Death Commandos look on.

Jedi Conclave-Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Turbo laser fire thunders down from orbit and strikes the lush landscape with impunity; massive clouds of destruction erupt all across the planet. Massive ground quakes shift the once lush topography into a barren waste land; the caamasi race is driven extinct by the suffocating cloud.  Amidst the firebombing Darth Vader and the former padawan of Anakin Skywalker; Ashoka Tano grapple as the bombardment sets off a violent planetary shift. As the situation draws to a close, tano attempts to draw out her former master.

Voolvif Monn: (choking to death) there is no deat….

Ashoka Tano: (deflecting saber strikes) master I can still feel you within that shell…let go of the hatred!

Darth Vader: (recklessly pounding his blade against the Jedi) your master is dead.

Ranik Solusar: (hammering vader with his blade) kill him tano!

Ashoka Tano: (trading blows) I can feel the good in him, he’s still skygu…

The young Jedi’s attempt is fruitless and attracts only the rage of a Lava hardened Sith Lord. Vader uses the force to rupture every organ in tanos body and force hurls her into a wall. At the site of the slaughter Master Gormo enters the fray.

Ranik Solusar: she was your padawan!

Darth Vader: her master is dead and now so is she!

Ranik Solusar: master! Together we can defeat the sith, draw your sword.

N’Kata Del Gormo: light sabers are of no use here Solusar, how little Yoda has taught you knights…

Vader arrogantly engages the unarmed Sage Master unknowing the awesome the skills of the mighty Jedi. with ease Gormo utilizes all aspects of energy based force combat against the sith lord; Vader is quickly reduced to a bloody cybernetic pulp. The master engulfs Vader in a cloud of the toxic vapor swelling the once breathable atmosphere, as he siphons air to a bubble around himself.

N’Kata Del Gormo: as you can see young one; a true Jedi does not require crude weapons to hack and slash away the venom of a sith lord.

Ranik Solusar: kill him now! What are you waiting for?

Suddenly the sage master begins to choke, Solusar notices that Vader has regained his composure.

N’Kata Del Gormo: (gasping) at least he understood my point…..

Ranik Solusar: no how!

Darth Vader: the living force Solusar, that’s what he’s getting at! True death is the absence of the force.

Ranik Solusar: (attempting to force push) how!

Darth Vader: you’ll never master it Solusar! Especially without Midi-chlorians!

Solusar and Gormo notice a cloud of smoke emanating from their bodies as vader approaches them, solusar flees in an effort to retain some of his force-sensitivity.

N’Kata Del Gormo: cowards! That one flees and you deprive an combatant equal footing.

The heavily wounded cybernetic bloody pulp of Darth Vader limps its way towards a LAAT as the planetary bombardment destroys the planet Caamas. Master Gormo suffocates without the aid of the force to rely upon. The serpentine master falls down dead as the LAAT lifts off into the atmosphere.

Imperial Star Destroyer Armada-Bombarding Caamas-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Tarkin, Tractha, Sate Pestage and Armand Isard confer with the holograms of Commanders Grammel, Zsinj, Harkov.

Harkov: I have four bogeys lacing their ways through the bombardment.

Sate Pestage: its safe to assume two of them are ours. Any id frequencies?

Harkov: I have a black opps call sign on one, the other three just jumped to hyperspace? Pursuit orders?

Tarkin: none. Continue as planned.

EmPal SuRecon Center-Coruscant-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Darth Vader awaits reconstruction on a slab as he is tormented further by the hologram of his dark master.

Emperor Palpatine: you’ve done well lord Vader; skywalker’s pupil vanquished and the legendary master Gormo bested.

Darth Vader: thank you my master.

Emperor Palpatine: oh don’t thank me; thank the black opps they got you off that planet.

Darth Vader: I’ll be sure to send my thoughts to vont as soon as this procedure is completed.

Emperor Palpatine: before lord vader. I insist.

A hologram of Dilbun Vont and the remnants of the black opps flares to life beside vader.

Dilbun Vont: coulda used you on the stairwell vader. Thanks a load.

Emperor Palpatine: I believe lord vader has something to say to the three of you.

Darth Vader: I bid you welcome for the ease of my escape from the surface of Caamas.

Gauer: I’d like to think you’d do the same for any of us.

Emperor Palpatine: that will be all. commence augmentation.

Sentinel-class landing craft en route to Gall-19 years Before the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont and Cittro sit across from one another in the troop deployment portion of the vessel.

Cittro: so what’s there to do out on this rock?

Dilbun Vont: well personally speakin I’m planning on gittin all my creds together and hittin the strum…umm I don’t know itsa common enclave from what I heard.

Cittro: strums..oh yeah I’m just a kid. Ok. There anything I can practice shooting at?

Dilbun Vont: theres some kinda cliff wampa in the smugglers canyon, that might be of some help fur target practice.  But I wuz thinking we’d take in a holovid or something?

Cittro: sure. Whats on?

Dilbun Vont: umm…how bout Varn, World of Water?

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Re: MOAWP S1/E5: "The Mandalorian Connection"
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Amazzzzzzing. But not quite as good as Indiana Jones vs. Fat Pork Chop Ass. That was classic.