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Jesse James:
Smash did smashingly recently.  He picked up some extras from a Target 9-pack off me, and I appreciate that!

Great guy to deal with, very fast payment too, so thanks!

Jesse James:
Smash came through BIGTIME for me, helping me get a GI Joe Low Light figure, which is impossible to find in my neck of the woods.

Thanks so much man.  :)  He's just too cool for words.  I really appreciate it!

Justin was kind enough to hook me up with all the Joes I needed that haven't been shipping to the Twin Cities the last few months.  Thank you soo much as I wasn't getting any help from here so far or from other sites.  Shmash rocks!   ;D

I will be the 3rd in a row to Thank Smash for a great hook up on some Joes.  Not only did he offer up some extras, he we BACK to the store to help a couple of us out.

Thanks again for being an all around great guy and asset to the community!

Mikey D:
Fourth props in a row to Justin for hooking me up with the new Joes that have been non-existant my neck of the woods. 


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