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FS: Kenner Bag / Baggie Collection - 20 figures + 2 Accessory Packs


Hi Everyone, the holiday's are coming up and while I'm a little bummed to do it, I need to raise some extra cash so I'm parting with my baggie collection.  I'm not sure exactly what's fair for something like this, but based on the prices I paid, I'm asking $350 for the lot.  All are the real deal to the absolute best of my knowledge.  Feel free to email me with any questions. 

Included are:

[*]Emperor Palpatine
[*]Salacious Crumb
[*]Max Rebo
[*]AT-ST Driver
[*]C-3P0 (Removable Limbs)
[*]Endor Rebel Soldier
[*]Admiral Ackbar
[*]Endor Han Solo
[*]Prune Face
[*]AT-AT Commander
[*]POTF Anakin Skywalker
[*]Chief Chirpa
[*]B-Wing Pilot
[*]Hoth Han Solo
[*]Nien Nunb
[*]General Nadine
[*]Hoth Accessory Pack
[*]Sealed Jabba's Palace Parts[/list]


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