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Hi everyone,
Hope I can get some feedback on this.
I am considering selling/trading my 12" collection. I never really liked the 12"s in the first place because they hardly ever  look like the characters. But, I was a completist, and had to have everything. I've got all of them from Ep1 to the present. The ones I want to sell are just the single character 12"s, not store exclusives (like Fambaa or Capt Tarpals).
Now they're just taking up space, and I thought about expanding my 3 3/4" collection.
Do you think I would be better off selling it a a lot, or piecemealing it out?
What would you ask if it were sold as a lot?

I would sell/trade them individually. People are always looking for a certain figures for there collection. When they see the figures they want & they are offered separately, chances are better for a transaction.

If you were to sell/trade them in a bulk lot, people turn away as they may have a majority of the figures & they may not be able to afford the hole lot to buy or trade.

Even in bulk, people will ask if you will sell/trade certain figures.

Hope this helps.  :)

I would sell them individually if I were you.  Everything Dale just mentioned is accurate.  Hopefully you'll have something I'm interested in.   ;D

Snively Bandar:
Yeah, it's usually better to sell individually, but it wouldn't hurt for you to try to sell it as a lot first just to see what happens.  There's occasionally people out there who are contemplating getting into a new Star Wars collecting subline, but don't want to go through the whole hassle of buying it all separately.  Picking up a large lot can be very enticing in that respect, even if the price tag is rather hefty.  But even if the lot doesn't sell, or you don't get the asking price you're looking for, you'll at least get some preliminary solicitations on some of your individual pieces so you'd know where you could start with those if you resorted to that method.

As for worth, are your figures still MIMSB, or have they all been opened and displayed?  If it's the former, I'd just ask for the original selling price of $20, or perhaps cut them a little discount and just go with $15.  If they're opened, but you still have the box to go with them, I'd say $10-$15 each.  If it's just the loose doll (complete), I'd probably say $10.

I don't collect 12" myself, so I'm not sure if any of the standard issues would be deemed VHTF, in which case I might ask for a slight premium on those.  Maybe do a quick scan of the completed eBay auctions on all the respective figures to find out.

How many of the 12" dolls do you have altogether?

Thanks for the input everyone.

A quick count got me to 21 Ep1, 11 POTJ and 26 Sagas.
All are MIMB and never opened. There are store exclusives and 2-packs included in that count. If I got a good enough offer I'd sell everything including the more HTF items.

I would think $15 is a good avergage price, as there's probably some worth more and some worth less, it all evens out in the end.



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