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I originally saw this posted over at Jedi Temple Archives, and they had a link to this site showing a number of rarely seen photos (both cut and behind the scenes) from the OT.  Although I've seen a few of these before, there were a number that I hadn't ever seen.

Those are pretty cool. Thanks for posting them. I enjoyed them.

I guess this qualifies here as well.  Saw these pics today of earlier costume designs for C-3PO and Darth Vader (McQuarrie inspired).  You can check them out here, I don't think I had seen them before:

Jesse James:
3PO's is really quite neat looking...  Vader's too, but the face is just a bit too concept art for me.

The C-3PO is neat. I wonder why they didn't use that for a background droid. But the blowup doll mouth is all kinds of wrong. The Vader just looks too fake. It looks like a drawing or something from a 70s super hero tv show.


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