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Looking for Vintage Topps SW, ESB, ROTJ, Heritage Cards and Stickers


Looking for Singles, Stickers, Lots and Sets from the following Series:

Vintage cards need to be at least EX Condition, Heritage need to be NRMNT

1977 Star Wars Blue Series, Red Series, Yellow Series, Green Series, Oramge Series Cards and Stickers
1977 Wonderbread Star Wars Series
1977 General Mills Oversized Star Wars Cards
1980 ESB Series 1,2,3 Cards and Stickers
1983 ROTJ Series 1,2 Cards and Stickers
1983 Kelloggs ROTJ Cards
ADPAC Star Wars Stickers
2004 Star Wars Heritage Singles and Stickers
2004 Star Wars Heritage Promo Card P1 TPM (from Star Wars Insider #78)
2004 Star Wars Heritage Promo Card P2 AOTC (from

If you have extras or want to sell shoot me a PM.  Will pay cash or will trade figures.  Thanks


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