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sw figs, collectibles, minis, comics, mags, posters, hw list
« on: December 24, 2009, 09:39 AM »

All figures are mint unless marked near mint (the board may have a very small crease on it maybe about a half an inch you really have to look to see it).


Marvel icons Wolverine unmasked 12 inch.
Wonder Woman series one circle 7 inch.
Marvel legends Galactus & Ms. Marvel 7 inch.
DC super heroes Batman 2006 7 inch.
JLA series 2 Batman 2008 7 inch.

boushh (sote), boba fett vs ig88 (sote), han (orange card), chewie (oc), vader (oc), stormtrooper (oc), r2d2 (oc), yoda (oc), atst driver, ev-9d9, asp-7 droid, endor rebel soldier (slide), c3po (slide), skywalker (flashback), vader (chip), motti (chip), bommar monk, kabe/muftak, leia/luke (ceremonial), windu (sneak preview).
CINEMA SCENES jabba's dancers, jabba's skiff guards, jedi spirts.
CREATURES dewback/sandtrooper, jabba/han, bantha.
DIORAMAS cantina, jabba's palace.
VEHICLES cloud car w/eu pilot, speeder bike w/biker scout.
12 INCH han/carb (exclusive), r2d2, wedge/biggs (ex), luke/wampa (ex), cantina band member tech w/omni box (ex), luke/bib (ex), leia ceremonial gown, boba fett, stormtrooper, greedo, leia/r2d2 (jabba’s prisoner), at-at driver, luke tatooine/leia boushh/han bespin (ex).
STORY BOOKS (12 inch doll & book) vader, aurra sing.
ACTION FLEET SERIES ALPHA (1996) slave one, imperial shuttle w/concept, imperial walker w/concept.

c3po, battle droid, jar jar, sidous, gasgano w/pit droid, ki-adi mundi, windu, ody mandrell, yoda, queen (coruscant), adi gallia, maul (tatooine & jedi duel), obi-wan (naboo), qui-gon (jedi duel & naboo), naboo royal guard, naboo royal security, panaka, gunray, hauuko.
CINEMA SCENES mos espa encounter.
ACCESSORY SET sith, tatooine, underwater.
VEHICLES anakin’s & sebulba's podracers.
12 INCH obi wan, electronic darth maul, pit droids, tc-14, queen amidala, majesty queen amidala (royal elegance-ultimate hair-hidden), ankin, chancellor vallorum/coruscant guard (ex), jar jar binks, watto.
3D FIGURES PAINTERS obi-wan, qui-gon, maul.

coruscan guard, lando, sandtrooper, ben kenobi, zam wessll (preview), han/chew (25 year special), leia sail barge cannon, darth maul w/sith attack droid.
12 INCH captain tarpals/kaadu.

EPISODE TWO 12 INCH obi wan kenobi.

amidala-arena escape, massif w/geonosian warrior, djas puhr, yoda, teemto pagalies, super battle droid, c-3po, obi wan (coruscant chase).
death star trash compactor leia/chewie.
DELUXE windu w/battle droid, jango fett w/electronic jetpack snap-on armor.
12 INCH lando skiff guard, ewoks, obi wan (loose), gamorrean guard.
UNLEASHED vader first edition, bossk (loose), obi wan/anakin (both loose episode 3).

OCT elite corps clone trooper.

ROTS commander bacara, gree.

TATINIUM death star(loose), tie fighter (white loose), kit fisto’s jedi starfighter, saesee tiin's jedi starfighter, b wing blue, shadow at-at, at-ap, at-st, at-te, at-rt, millennium falcon, trade federation battle ship, plo koon’s star fighter.

30thANNIVERSAY COLLECTION galactic marine x2 UGH, airborne trooper UGH, han torture, utapau shadow trooper (black coin).
SAGA LEGENDS battle damaged vader.

Board game battle for naboo 3D.
Mini riddelll c3po.
Model anakin’s podracer. 
Vinyl  figures 15 inch applause maul, obi wan, qui gon. 
Diorama resin applause 1996 bossk, fett, 4-lom (limited to 5,000).
Mugs applause vader, c3po.
Storage container applause R2D2.
24 gold picture leia w/vader on death star sealed black case.
Topps widevision (hobby/special edition set 1-72).
Wide vision movie cards trilogy 4 packs.
Topps galaxy series 1-3.
Swccg packs 4 JP, 3 WOTC AOTC.
SW calendars.

Episode one & two (compete set photo’s from movies).
Crimson empire 1-6 (complete set).
Darth maul 1-4 (complete set).
Empire #1-6 (complete sets), 13-14, 16, 31.
Republic #46.
Jedi vs sith #1-6 (complete set).
Legacy #1. 
Tales #5 (billy dee williams), #9 (vader vs. maul), #17 (sith).
Boba fett twin engines of destruction (one shot).
Han Solo at star’s end #1 (han & chewie).
Insider 37 (palpatine), 39 (vader), 40 (battle droid), 42 (maul), 43 (darth maul), 49 (tesb).
Combo #27 (jabba & han).
Cinscape (sw se).
Vanity Fair (ankin & amidala).
Premiere magazine special collectors issues #4 lucas & anakin. 
SW official 20th anniversary commemorative magazine.
ROTJ official collectors edition magazine.
Galaxy collector magazine.

POSTERS (can e mail pictures)
Star wars (movie).
ESB (vader holding 2 lightsabers).
ROTJ (revenge logo picture but doesn’t say revenge).
PM movie.
PM dvd.
PM vader shadow tatooine.
Darth maul "sith".
Jedi battle jedi vs sith.
Queen Amidale.
Darth maul "hate" (exclusive sw fan club movie size promotional).
emperor & vader w/x wing pilot (exclusive sw fan club).

REBEL STORM tatative four troopers x6 (various ones), stormtroopers x6 (various ones), scout troopers x3, royal guards x2, imperial commander, veers, tarkin, lando, bossk, tywi’lel x2. 
AOTC green clone x2, yellow x2, clones x9 (various ones), general kenobi, gungan infantry x2, luminara unduly, plo koon, naboo soldier x2, asajj ventress, super battle droids x4, battle droids x 10 (various including commander), dark side acolyte, jango fett, aqualish spy, devardnian bounty hunter, gran raider, ishi tib scout, klatooinian enforcer, quarren raider, weequay mercenary. 

ACTION FLEET SERIES ALPHA (1996) slave one, imperial shuttle (concept), imperial walker (concept).


marvel (legends & select) figures, mcfarlane figures, dc (new mattel, justice, else world, etc.) figures, star wars game cards, sw miniatures ships, buffy game cards, wotc sw roleplaying books, basketball cards 96 & up.

POTF2 MILLENNIUM MINTED COIN c-3po, emperor palatine.

OTC sly moore, queen amidala-celebration, rabe, snowtrooper.

SAGA at at driver, snow trooper, kit fisto, r5-j2, battle droids (kashyyk), super battle droids (kashyyk), r4-m6.

Basic figures
galactic marine, r2-d2, airbone trooper, super battle droid, darth vader (sith lord), hermi odle, clone trooper (kamino training), obi wan kenobi, darth vader, gree, kashyyk trooper, 2-1b (surgical droid), imperial EVO trooper, imperial jump trooper, maris brood, darth vader (battle damaged), rahm kota.
Saga legends
battle droids, darth maul, r2-d2, battle droids (red), boba fett, battle droids, clone commander, clone trooper officers, battle droids, biker scout, r4-19, shadow stormtrooper, utapau shadow trooper, neyo, covert ops clone trooper.

chewbacca, ak-rev, darth vader, gree, kashyyk trooper, imperial EVO trooper, wan kenobi (clone wars), jodo kast, yaddle/even piell, saleucami trooper, commander faie, general grievous, clone trooper (327th star corps), luke skywalker (stormtrooper), han solo (stormtrooper), spacetrooper, ben (obi wan) kenobi, emperor palpatine, obi wan Kenobi, beru whitesun, owen lars, jango fett, darth maul, scout trooper, obi wan kenobi, arc trooper
Saga legends
r2-d2, darth vader (anakin skywalker), obi wan kenobi, super battle droid, clone trooper (any officers), darth maul, barc, arc trooper (any), battle droids (any), snowtrooper.

R2-D2 tatooine mission, coruscant, electronic lights & sound, otc, votc, rots, saga legends, etc.

DROID FACTORY kit fisto.

COMIC PACKS a’sharad hett/dark woman, boba fett/ra7 droid, dooku/skywalker, fenn shysha/dengar, leia/tobbi dala, palpatine clone/luke, faie/quinlan vos.

3 PACK emperor/stormtroopers & vader/stormtroopers.

EPIC FORCE han, chew, ben.

UNLEASHED amidala, leia. 

TATINIUM too many to list.

TATINIUM ULTRA jedi star fighter & X-Wing Fighter (Toys R Us).